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  • We have news for you

    Dear Ladies, We have news for you. Here is a fresh published score from PH  Publisher. "Kyrie" is one of our well-known composer, Battista Pradal’s pieces. Besides being a composer Pradal is teacher of Piano, Composition and Harmony and artistic director of the well known meeting music event Venezia in Musica, he has been often awa... read more
  • More new publication from PH Publisher for you

    Some more news for you! Mixed choir watch out and get in touch with our published piece at PH Publisher "Make me a picture of the sun" by Battista Pradal.   His works have been performed internationally. Many of his pieces were performed in Italy and in other countries, several of which are enclosed in some CD compilations. He is teacher... read more
  • Looking for something new?

    You like Italian composers and have already met the composer in person at an international choir competition? Find out at  PH Publisher about the published piece "Saluto alla Beata Vergine Maria" for mixed choirs by Battista Pradal.   Battista Pradal obtained his diplomas of Composition, Piano and Choral Music with Choir conducting in... read more
  • What is new from PH Publisher?

    Dear friends of Choral Music, you are thrilled by the ideas and pieces of  Ivan Yohan are just looking for a new “adventure”? Please have a look at "Pentatonic Hallelujah" for female voices, published by PH Publisher.   Ivan Yohan is a young Indonesian singer, conductor and Grand Prize Winner composer. Several of his chor... read more
  • New publication from PH Publisher

    Dear friends of Choral Music,   You are a singer in a female choir or a conductor and looking for a new piece? Have a look at the published piece "Daemon Irrepit Callidus" for female voices by Ivan Yohan.   Ivan Yohan started to have an interest in vocal and choral music since he became a member of the university choir. In the field o... read more
  • In 2017 reaching again to the Stars in the city of Copernicus

    PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA International Copernicus Choir Festival & Competition will for the 5th time present a great opportunity for integration of the choral community and promotion of choral music. Its name refers to the figure of the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus who was born in the city of ToruĊ„, which is a friendly host of this event. &n... read more
  • There is nothing like singing along the sea in 2017 as well!

    Dear choral singers,   Missing an event does not mean that you can1t join in another year. In 2017 meeting music gladly will be your host in Caorle/Venice, Italy for a great choral celebration. The competition with its wide range of categories like Mixed, Male and Female Choirs for different standards, with or without requirements, types... read more
  • Per Musicam Ad Astra - Everybody will be Singing with the Stars

      We can't remind often enough, but we have a lot to happen if you interested in choral music and to find out about new destination in Europe. The city of Copernicus would be a great place to perform your repertoire and be part of an International Festival.  Just let yourself be charmed by this beautiful city, which medieval part becam... read more
  • Salzburg - the cultural stage of the world!

    Imagine singing in Salzburg! This European city is known for many famous artists including Stefan Zweig, Arturo Toscanini, Oskar Kokoschka, Herbert von Karajan and, of course, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A skyline of church steeples, an amazing Fortress, and a wonderful Cathedral await youjust north of the Alps in Salzburg, a UNESCO Wo... read more
  • Preserve it for the future

    Traditions. It is important for you to show your folklore style, to save and hand on the next generation? We think so. You sing in a choir or dance in a Folklore group? We can give you great platform for your aim. Please check the dates and locations we are looking forward with open arms in: 2016 Venice, 2016 Torun, 2016 Budapest, 2016 Fund... read more