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  • Concorso Corale 2018 – A long tradition, a long lasting memory

    Lake Garda: You have to go there, either for the first time or again! Feel at home in the luminous environment, temperate climate, and luxuriant vegetation along with the majestic landscapes as the background to the remarkable historical and cultural remains spread all around and make this place to the one of the most enchanting in Italy. ... read more
  • New year - new beginning

    This time of the year many of us summarize their lives: what has happened the last 356 days? At meeting music we are sure about that the most memorable moments are connected to some special experiences. The moment when you joined a choir and made lifelong friendship with others, the first time you stepped on stage and performed something amazing or... read more
  • Take your calendar - meeting music events in 2018

    Dear Choirs and Lovers of Choral Music,   We know that your schedule could be tight as well as preparing extensively for an international competition needs time. That’s why we would like to assist you in planning and show you our events for competition season 2018. For about 30 years of experiences the team of meeting music offers you... read more
  • Be social and follow us!

    We have great news for you! Watch and share -> Till now you can follow us on Youtube as well on meeting music channel   And do not forget our other social sites:   meeting music Konrad Adenauer Str. 36 35415 Pohlheim Germany   tel: +49 6403 9784225  ... read more
  • What it is all about? - Diversity and Internationality everywhere!

    Meeting music, organizer of international choral competition and festival closes the book of this year's competition, this year's festival and ceremonies in events Opening & Closing & Awarding with the choral singing last week in Fundão, Portugal. For the 2nd edition of Beira Interior a total of 16 participating choirs, 625 people from 7... read more
  • meeting in memory - Rewards for being a singer!

      Singers are multi-talented - We are convinced about that and confirmed through 20 + years of experience. Let us ask a question: What is the best way keeping memories alive? Sure, first in your hearts  (yes, you know what it is all about!), but also through the help of technical equipment.  Yes? We call for people to send in the... read more
  • Let yourself be charmed in 2017! - NEW DATE!

    In 2015 more than 450 singers came from 10 countries to share their musical knowledge and sing together in one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. We can proudly say that not only the festival scene is stunning but the performances always amaze as well the Jury and the audience. You could be the next...   Keep the date for the upcoming ev... read more
  • Let your voices blend with the Eternal Music of Rome in 2017 - NEW DATE!

    All roads lead to Rome in 2017 as well. Choirs can apply in different categories like Musica Sacra, Musica Sacra Open Category, Musica Profana, Children and Youth Choirs and Gospel/Spiritual and/or take part in other educational festival activities, such as Evaluation Performance, Individual Coaching, 'Meeting in Music' concerts.   ... read more
  • “Per musicam ad sacrum” - celebration of the 1050th anniversary of Christianity in Poland

    Poland celebrates the 1050th anniversary of Christianity in the country. On  June 19,  2016, at 7:30 pm, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and blessed Pr. Stefan Frelichowski in Toruń will be the place for a special concert: “Per musicam ad sacrum”, in celebration of the anniversary, with various composit... read more
  • Per musicam ad humanitatem concert - the Grand Opening

    On the first day of PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA, June 18 at 8 pm, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Toruń will be the official venue for this year's Opening Concert. “Per musicam ad humanitatem” you will be listening to Lacrimosa by Aleksandra Brejza as well as Song of the Universal and Sunrise Mass by a young Norwegia... read more