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  • Musica Eterna in 2019? - Why not?

    Since 2005 Rome is host city for  choirs, singers and choral music lovers at our events from all over the world. It is a special place to share the idea of coming together and find yourselves in melodies in eternal city. Inspired by a vibrant atmosphere of friendship everybody is thrilled to share the passion for music and singing ... read more
  • Love to return to the the stronghold of Austrian music, Salzburg in 2019

    Salzburg, as Mozart’s hometown, is traditionally famous for its musical festivals and vivid cultural life during the whole year. Meet there again through choral music! Beyond the love of music, Salzburg is renowned for its geographical surroundings, what makes the city’s original Alpine atmosphere and for its baroque architecture, such... read more
  • “Budapest, Budapest, you wonderful! You are the heartbeat for me”*.

    Budapest International Choir Festival and Competition - a milestone in the history of choral competitions. Since 1988, choirs are magnetized to join every second year. With an experience of almost 30 years meeting music has focused on improving its events and the Evaluation System, the partnership with the participants and clarifying the aims i... read more
  • Venezia in Musica 2018 second part – Autumn

    Based on the long-lasting partnership with locals, meeting music will host Venezia in Musica in lovely surroundings, in Sacile. In the past few years always worth to see it and visit there for Friendship Concerts, now you can attend to the autumn edition of this event.   Enjoy your time and be charmed by personal hospitality of the region,... read more
  • Beira Interior 2018 – Continue the tradition in the heart of Portugal

    Be a part of the next edition of this great international choral event in the southwest of Europe.   meeting music is happy to announce the 3rd Beira Interior – International Choir Festival and Competition, October 3-7, 2018, Fundão (Portugal). With Beira Interior we would like to enhance this communication between diff... read more
  • Per Musicam Ad Astra 2018 – Be among the stars

    Toruń (Poland), an educational and cultural centre, also famous for his child astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus and the eponym for another event organized by meeting music. Feel invited to meet the city and the ASTROLABIUM Society of Choral Music Enthusiasts. Be part from June 27-July 1, 2018 at the 6th edition of PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA ... read more
  • Musica Eterna a Roma 2018 – Meet in “Vatican City”

    Since a long time Rome has been host city for choirs and singers from all over the world, who not only love sacred music but also the idea of coming together in the eternal city and center of choral music. Inspired by a vibrant atmosphere of friendship everybody is thrilled to share the passion for music and singing together! Take part at audience... read more
  • Sing Berlin! 2018 – a brand new project

    We always love to think about new initiatives: in 2018 based on a vivid and good connection with local choirs meeting music will start something new in Germany’s capital in cooperation with Georg-Friedrich-Händel – Gymnasium, Berlin. In a brand new, stunning music hall of the Gymnasium, we launch our next project, called Sing Berli... read more
  • Venezia in Musica 2018 – SING! at San Marco

    The story of “Venezia in Musica” started in 2003! Sing! In concerts beside the palaces, romantic buildings, lagoons and gondolas of Venice. Find you safe in competition at the clean and tiny charm of the city of Caorle to only name some of the places to meet in spring time! Venezia in Musica offers a right place for you in differ... read more
  • Budapest International Choral Celebration and Laurea Mundi Budapest 2018 – Music should belong to everyone

    After a great start, continuing the fresh tradition we will come back to Budapest, the country of Kodály Method in 2018 as well to celebrate and promote choral music, and also to spread the value and experience of singing in a choir – as Kodály said: Music should belong to everyone. Come and join us to the Festival or the compe... read more