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  • Riva del Garda is waiting for you in 2019 as well!

    Riva del Garda – where we want to be in 2019 as well! If you think of Italy mainly you imagine of the channels of Venice, the Colosseum in Rome or a sunflower fields in Tuscany, but there are much more to think about there. One of our favourite locations in Italy is at the bank of Lake Garda: the pearl of the “lago”, call... read more
  • Spend some time in Caorle/Venice - the best thing you do next Spring

    … this how we think about it, but let’s see, what the others say! "Venezia in Musica was a great experience for me and my choir. The festival was well organized and the staff was always smiling and helpful. We found Caorle picturesque and cosy, and Venice is always like a dream. I especially would like to thank the jury for their ki... read more
  • Waiting for Early Birds fly to Budapest

    This will be the 17th time that we return to capital of Hungary. If you still hesitate about this event, now you can see deeper in the scene by participants of earlier Budapest International Choir Competition & Festival. “You created a place of great atmosphere, sharing and happiness, and a combination and bonding between conductors,... read more
  • Plan your touring schedule with meeting music

    Looking for a European destination in 2019? meeting  music looks forward to meeting you in one of many beautiful cities around the old continent. Next year we will come back to Budapest, Venice, Salzburg, ToruĊ„, Rome, Riva del Garda aaaaand NEW in 2019: International Choir Festival & Competition in Dubrovnik – Croatia (October... read more
  • meeting music choral events in 2019

    Looking for choral events for next year? Find our latest newsletter through the link about meeting music future competitions.   Interested in news, details of events from meeting music? Subscribe to our newsletter.  
  • Per Musicam Ad Astra - Everybody will be Singing with the Stars

    We can't remind often enough, but we have a lot to happen if you interested in choral music and to find out about new destination in Europe. The city of Copernicus would be a great place to perform your repertoire and be part of an International Festival.  Just let yourself be charmed by this beautiful city, which medieval part became a U... read more
  • New Year - New opportunities in 2018 with meeting music

    Dear Fans of choral music! January is the time for re-start and New Year’s resolutions! We do not promise anything else to you, but in the way you always believed in: a great festive season full of exciting music programs. NEW: Find out about another venue in our palette! --- We do not take Manhattan but bring meeting music philosophy... read more
  • Prolonged deadlines from meeting music

    meeting music events are waiting for you in 2018 as well, as we really do NOT want YOU to miss the deadline, some of our application periods are extended. Take a look on the list below, get inspired by our image video and pick your favourite!   15th Concorso Corale Internazionale International Choir Festival & Competition March 25-2... read more
  • Concorso Corale will continue - Will be back in Riva del Garda in 2020 as well

    Did you know that the festival scene of Concorso Corale, Riva del Garda is known as the pearl of Lake Garda and and offers many beautiful sights to see and lovely places to be? From April 5 to April 9, 2020 meeting music will organize the 16th Concorso Corale Internazionale Choir Festival & Competition. Come and join us and see spring dropp... read more
  • Musica Eterna in 2019? - Why not?

    Since 2005 Rome is host city for  choirs, singers and choral music lovers at our events from all over the world. It is a special place to share the idea of coming together and find yourselves in melodies in eternal city. Inspired by a vibrant atmosphere of friendship everybody is thrilled to share the passion for music and singing ... read more