World Choir Games Flanders 2023

Riva del Garda is waiting for you in 2019 as well!

  • Riva del Garda – where we want to be in 2019 as well!

    If you think of Italy mainly you imagine of the channels of Venice, the Colosseum

    in Rome or a sunflower fields in Tuscany, but there are much more to think about there.

    One of our favourite locations in Italy is at the bank of Lake Garda:

    the pearl of the “lago”, called Riva del Garda and another gem: Arco.


    This event also means for us a long tradition and long lasting memory for all participants.

    Every year we can welcome hundreds of singers from all around the world.

    Believe them, they are not wrong.

    You can choose from a wide range of categories for different standards,

    types of choirs and musical genres. We can proudly say that not only the festival scene:

    Riva del Garda and Arco are stunning but the performances always amaze as well

    the Jury and the audience. You could be the next...

    Early Bird registration is open until March 15, 2019.

    For more:

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