World Choir Games Flanders 2023

I think about how to create a more holistic experience, how to create connectivity.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say that one of the greatest attractions of choral music is the feeling of union and of fraternity that we can create. After all, the choir is the only instrument that is alive and sounds better the livelier and the more fraternal it is. For some time, maybe 2 years now, as a composer, I have felt the need to transfer this idea of "collective creations” to musical writing. Being accompanied by recurring clients and an extraordinary friend and poet such as Charles Anthony Silvestri, I can cherish that idea that "I finally created a family to bring new works to life". Still, day by day, I think about how to create a more holistic experience, how to create connectivity.

    In my attempts to do so, I've done reviews of choirs and composers I admire on my Instagram account. They really are friends that I work with and I want them to have more prominence in the scene because I really enjoy listening to them. I have also done collaborations with composers to create music and every moment I experiment with new ideas that bring the choral community together. I think this community is a powerful human capital. The people of the choral world have given me more shelter than any other community. Truly, I feel indebted and I want to return all that love I receive by improving connectivity.

    I have been experimenting with consortium-building for 10 months now. It is really exciting because shortly after offering this service I received the support of individuals who came together in a beautiful group called "Santi's Angels". They are Marti Dawson, Elaine Condrat, Christine Carpenter and Joy Hewitt. Then some choirs joined in and in the first 6 months we created a family that brought 3 works to life. And on top of that, the consortium brought to life a great virtual choir in collaboration with a great composer, Micaela Carballo.

    Finally we created a family, a place of group conversation where we share our day to day life, the composition process and funny, relaxed comments. It really is that rehearsal space where you have fun and then are able to work seriously. When I realized how much fun this was, I said "I'm going to offer all the works I have in mind in consortium format". And I didn't stop there, I called my composer friends to write their work plans and publish them in the consortium section of my website. I want real gems to be known: people who compose really well and who are also very valuable people.

    I want to create a big family where choirs, Patreons and composers are invited. A place with open doors for everyone so that we can be more connected and create together the music to come. I believe this is the first step of my adventure and you are invited to be part of this experience.

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