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Santiago Veros's Blog Entries

  • I think about how to create a more holistic experience, how to create connectivity.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that one of the greatest attractions of choral music is the feeling of union and of fraternity that we can create. After all, the choir is the only instrument that is alive and sounds better the livelier and the more fraternal it is. For some time, maybe 2 years now, as a composer, I have felt the need to tra... read more
  • The story behind The Last March of Destiny

    <!-- wp:embed {"url":"\u0026ab_channel=SantiagoVeros","type":"video","providerNameSlug":"youtube","responsive":true,"className":"wp-embed-aspect-16-9 wp-has-aspect-ratio"} --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> My vision of music is to unite people and erase borders. I have been doing this for years... read more
  • Plans and proposals for the 2021/22 season

      Today I want to tell you what I plan to offer you between now and May 2022. That is why in this post I will talk about the next consortia, Music for Choir and Orchestra, ACDA conference 2022 and acquisition of works online. So, here we go:   It is clear that the sense of communitarianism is especially strong in choral m... read more
  • The Last March of Destiny – Global Virtual Choir

    If you want to be part of the premiere of a work with singers from all over the world, I want to tell you that you are in the right place! We will make an incredible virtual choir together. This experience will bring the work «The Last March of Destiny» to life. A work that I wrote together with the poet and friend, Charles Anthon... read more
  • United through music

    If we can understand, desire and celebrate diversity within choral music, why cannot we do it in society?Every time I write music, I immerse myself in a game, a game in which I think that each melody is like a person: It has its own authenticity and autonomy. Each of them can possess a beauty, a direction, a way of flow and of being that is proper ... read more
  • Dear Earh - The consortium that will unite the choirs to help the Amazon.

    At the time of writing music, my mission was always to bring people together. It seems to me that the union that is achieved thanks to singing is one of the most transcendental unions that humans can experience. With "Dear Earth" I wanted to go one step beyond simply joining the voices. I wanted to join choirs and find a purpose to do so. Talking w... read more
  • Almas de Barro: The story behind a choral work

    How was this work created?   Santiago Veros at the age of 19 writes this piece dedicated to a woman who for that time she was shy and he rarely talked with her.Almas de Barro describes intimately the moments of counterpoint classes when these two people look at each other in a very adolecent way, they can not do of anything more than continu... read more
  • The Choral Club, the new international Consortium

    The Choral Club A space dedicated to unite choirs from all over the world through music.Together with Anthony Silvestri and Ronald Cadmus, I have created this wonderful space where I hope to share the best of my music with you all. My intention is that we can create a family of choirs around the world to share the experience of assembling a w... read more
  • The Secret of Life: Uniting the world to convey a message.

    The virtual choir of "The secret of life" is an Argentine project that will involve 123 singers from 19 countries to celebrate the love towards life through singing. In this way we hope to spread the message of living with determination being authentic in every moment.   The project has a scheduled release date for July 20, 2019, the da... read more