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Plans and proposals for the 2021/22 season

    Today I want to tell you what I plan to offer you between now and May 2022. That is why in this post I will talk about the next consortia, Music for Choir and Orchestra, ACDA conference 2022 and acquisition of works online. So, here we go:
    It is clear that the sense of communitarianism is especially strong in choral music. That is why I want to offer you that we continue to create consortia and innovate by composing in a community way. I want to create great choral families. Thanks to Kurt Knecht 's recommendation, I published on page 2 large-format works (choir and full orchestra) that I will call "Glaciares" and "Senderos". I believe that these works can only come to life if they are commissioned in a community way. They are deep pieces that speak of time and relationships through time. The most innovative thing about this experience will be that these pieces will come to life as "a work with 2 composers". It is that with Micaela Carballo we decided to ally ourselves and compose together.

    Regarding Orchestal Music:

    Now I am composing for a consortium with flute, string ensemble and women's choir. All that with a beautiful poem by Charles Anthony Silvestri. From now on I want to offer more variety of possibilities and sound to the next programs. I also feel like after HUMAN and The Last March of Destiny I reached my creative ceiling in terms of the technical possibilities of the voice. My last 3 commissions have been Choir plus some instrument or plus string ensemble. And I really feel that the air is renewed when I write like this. I feel like I'm playing again. In August I will present the first extensive work for choir an orchestra. I'm very excited to hear your reaction when you hear that work.

    About the ACDA Conference: 

    The experience I had in 2020 presenting my work in Rochester was amazing! (Actually, Joseph Ohrt and his choir did all the work). I want to contribute to the repertoire there again. I believe that ACDAs are an excellent space to present innovative music and that conductors have a great diversity in their repertoires. As an Argentine composer I believe that I can help in cultural diversity. Also, if there is the possibility of traveling to the USA again, I hope to be able to extend my stay to provide my services to all the choirs that require it. Being a composer in residence is always fun!

    Finally, to address the issue of aquiring scores:

    MusicSpoke has a large majority of my catalog. Also from July 2 you can download the scores on my website. I really like to give a warm and close service. Being able to chat and zoom in with the choirs.
    That's why I don't focus on working with as many choirs as possible. My focus is on working with choirs who really want to archive a goal and who like to challenge themselves. That's why I like ACDAs and festivals. They are two foci where there is a reason that unites us and where there is a challenge to meet.
    Here we go season 2021/22!!
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