World Choir Games Flanders 2023

United through music

  • If we can understand, desire and celebrate diversity within choral music, why cannot we do it in society?

    Every time I write music, I immerse myself in a game, a game in which I think that each melody is like a person: It has its own authenticity and autonomy. Each of them can possess a beauty, a direction, a way of flow and of being that is proper to it. They go through easy moments and difficult moments, stop and silence. From time to time, in the case of a leak, they say something that transforms the course of the other melodies and on other occasions, they accompany and let themselves be carried away by what the other melodies say. We all know that no melody is wrong or good, it's just the way it is. No matter how different it is from other melodies, its existence must be integrated into the total work to create an even greater beauty, a transcendent beauty where it must listen and be heard.

    The challenge for humans would be to understand people with the same mechanism that we understand melodies within choral music. Understand that nobody is wrong, that nobody has defects and that, above all, differences are what enrich the whole. Why, as well as a choral work in which everyone sang a single melody would cease to be a choral work, a society where everyone would think and act the same, would cease to be a society.

    Also, as in a chorus there is a will that directs the different melodies with their characteristic traits and their own behaviors that add to each other so that all the existences can create something transcendent. In the universe there is a greater force that directs us. A force that wants each one of us to express himself and the best of himself respecting and understanding the companionship in the group.

    Although in a chorus this fact is permanently crystallized, we must understand that also in the world each of us is essential to create a whole whose magnitude and beauty transcends us. There is a force that directs us and that is why we must understand that no one is lost, that every existence has a purpose, a truth that we reveal, and each form of existence is correct and should not be altered if not rather included. The only action that is not correct is that which oppresses the existence of creation, the actuators that oppress a form of flow and being, of containing certain characteristics. The wills that focus on not letting the other exist.

    Diversity is essential, that is why the diversity of thoughts, ethnic groups, orientations is part of creation.

    Santiago Veros
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