World Choir Games Flanders 2021

The Choral Club, the new international Consortium

  • The Choral Club

    A space dedicated to unite choirs from all over the world through music.

    Together with Anthony Silvestri and Ronald Cadmus, I have created this wonderful space where I hope to share the best of my music with you all.

    My intention is that we can create a family of choirs around the world to share the experience of assembling a work. Have a space for consultation and an interactive community. Create works that serve to cover the needs of commemorative events, festivals, competitions or whatever is necessary. Have a real feedback between us.


    Currently the Choral Club has participants from 4 continents and we are about to start the work "Light, Love" that contains the poem of the same name of Charles Anthony Silvestri. To select this poem, we have created a voting system where each choir chose from a variety of poems.

    After the vote, I have proposed a plan of work that you can see doing cick here and finally, we agreed on April 12 as the date of beginning of the writing. Registration for this proposal is still open and if you want to be part of The Choral Club, you can do so by going to the next page << >> In this way, every 3 months you can participate in a new Club, propose poems and choose how your next original work will be.


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