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The Secret of Life: Uniting the world to convey a message.

  • The virtual choir of "The secret of life" is an Argentine project that will involve 123 singers from 19 countries to celebrate the love towards life through singing. In this way we hope to spread the message of living with determination being authentic in every moment.


    The project has a scheduled release date for July 20, 2019, the day on which friendship is celebrated in Argentina. The roots of this project were born in 2017 as an initiative to create international virtual choirs edited by Julie Gaulke.This is how that year, the community of friends of the virtual choirs met to perform "If Ye Love Me" by Philip Stopford. Months after the launch of this virtual choir, singers were invited to create the version of "Cuando Neruda Soñó". The project suffered delays and agenda problems but after one year, on July 20, 2018, the video of the virtual choir was made known to the whole world, obtaining more than 12,000 views in a few months (See the video).



    Now that the success of the format is proven, "The Secret of Life" proposes in a step beyond spreading not only a music but a transforming message. Using the words of Matthew Silver and under the direction of the Dr. María Alejandra Fuentes, the work transmits an inspiring message. Its text tells us to put the ideals and dreams ahead of everything to build a path and day by day to travel that road with courage, determination and love.




    If you want to read more about this amazing experience, I recommend you click on this link


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