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Musica Eterna Roma: let your voices blend with the Eternal Music of Rome

  • All roads lead to Rome, to the Eternal City



    meeting music is very happy to announce the 7th Musica Eterna Roma – International Choir Festival and Competition from July 1-5, 2016 in Rome, Italy


    Choirs can choose from the categories Female, Male Mixed Choir, Musica Sacra, Musica Sacra Open Category, Secular Musica, Children and Youth Choirs, and Gospel/Spiritual.

    Choirs will be evaluated by the fair and equitable InChoral Evaluation System, conceived by Artistic Director, Gábor Hollerung.


    If you do not wish to compete, or to enhance your competing choir’s experience, enjoy additional festival activities such as Evaluation Performance, Individual Coaching, meeting in music concerts, meeting with the artistic directors and jury, and if possible, join in the audience of the Holy Father.


    Discover the ancient Rome’s secrets and win the Grand Prize of 3.000 €!

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    contact us:

    Konrad Adenauer Str. 36
    35415 Pohlheim / Germany
     tel: +49 6403 9784225

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