World Choir Games Flanders 2021

meeting in memory - Rewards for being a singer!


    Singers are multi-talented - We are convinced about that and confirmed through 20 + years of experience.

    Let us ask a question: What is the best way keeping memories alive?

    Sure, first in your hearts Smile (yes, you know what it is all about!), but also through the help of technical equipment.  Yes?

    We call for people to send in their best of five (5) pictures from their stay at a meeting music Competitions & Festivals in the past.

    An international jury will evaluate 15 to take shortlisted and posted on Facebook – all followers are able to vote for a winner.    

     Curios about the reward?

    The winner of the meeting in memory – call will be invited to




    and take pictures

    at one of our 2017 Competition and Festival

    For further details get in contact with

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