• Verdi Requiem at St. Paul's, Hammersmith! 22nd Nov 2014

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    The Addison Singers perform ‘Requiem’ by Verdi     Saturday 22nd November 2014 @ 7.30pm St. Paul’s Church, The Broadway, Hammersmith W6 9PJ Opposite Hammersmith tube & bus terminal.  Street parking nearby & NCP in Glenthorne Rd.     November 22nd sees the Addiso... read more

  • Contributing to making a stronger community. Into the small.

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    When you already belong to a community, have you ever thought that perhaps you know eveyone you need to know and there is no need to know more people? Or you believe you need to meet many more people in order to have access to either fun activities, network more, have more friends or access specific information? Wh... read more

  • To Talk or Not to Talk. Aye, There's the Rub.

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    Oh I know.  I am really stretching your patience mixing those lines in the title.  I just couldn't help it.  You see, I LOVE to talk.  I don't even need an audience.  I can talk until the wallpaper curls. I do remember many years ago as a student music teacher, after my first foray into th... read more

  • Not everyone experiences a concert in the same way

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Just because you as a singer have a great time in a concert doesn’t mean it went well.     Happy audience by Ekke Vasli   Just because you as a choral director felt the rehearsal went much be... read more

  • ALBION - Birmingham Jewelery Quarter

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    The choral group Albion gives concerts like no others! Its unique repertoire is made up of beautiful all-new versions of the music of Britain and Ireland. Much-loved songs like Danny Boy, Scarborough Fair, and Jerusalem – a staple of the Last Night of the Proms – are sung in special ‘reimagined&... read more

  • What Is Stopping YOU?

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    This post was originally posted to the Embro Thistle Singers blog.  Isn't it the truth?  Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.  What is it that is holding you back?  Have you thought that maybe YOU should be the director of the choir.  You can see yourself there but --- .  Do you... read more

  • How Do YOU Handle Mistakes

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    This post was originally posted to the Embro Thistle Singers blog.  They sang the wrong notes and the chord is less than pleasing. Do you have a break down?  I think not.Do you make nasty faces & tell those around you what a bad job that was?  I hope not.Do you smile & stop & say that it was a grea... read more

  • CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED QUEEN – THECHO!R sings for a cure to cancer!!!

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    Celebrating the timeless music of Freddie Mercury and Queen, THECHO!R presents CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED QUEEN at the Thornbury Theatre on Sat 20th September at 8pm and Sunday 21st September at 2pm. THECHO!R, created by award winning conductor Dr Jonathon Welch AM in 2009, presents their second SING FOR A CURE concer... read more

  • Bringing Joy with signing

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    Music has been the inseparabale part of human life. And when the ear listens to music, the mouth responds with signing. For some, music and signing brings joy to themselves while for some, it helps them express themselves. Nevertheless, there is one important trait that a signer or a musician should never forget. It is... read more

  • Anyone Can Compose!

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    Before you disagree with the title of this first blog, I encourage you to read through this and then make up your mind. I am going to start this first post out with a quote that captures the essence of why I began to compose. “Greatness is anywhere someone is trying to find it.” When I began to compose I co... read more