World Choir Games 2018
  • Chris Rowbury

    Ask not what your choir can do for you – ask what you can you do for your choir

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Kirsten left a comment on my post How to be a good choir member.   photo by Brandon Cripps   She suggested that a good choir member should “go beyond the music”, i.e. get involved with t... read more

  • Peter Gonkel

    Choir Music

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    Dear people,   I want to Welcome you to ComposersWork online, a website for Composers and Choirs. We have a wealth of new and innovative materials for choirs.   Our intention is to bring affordable new Choral music to the attention of Choirs.   Maybe you are interested in sin... read more

  • Chris Rowbury

    Don’t try to help your fellow singers – it’s not your job!

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Many’s the time I see Ann lean over to Gill (not their real names) to help her get her part right. And every time I see a pained expression on Gill’s face.   photo by m_culnane   She doe... read more

  • MelbourneInternationalSingersFestival

    Celebrating choirs & the joy of singing at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Sunday June 11th

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    Do you LOVE to hear choirs and beautiful melodious singing …WE DO!     Are you a fan of the Divine Divas of Sunbury, THECHO!R, Co-cheol and Amber Evans … WE ARE!   Would you like to be introduced to the sublime singing of Musica and Men Aloud! …YES???     Then come to... read more

  • Chris Rowbury

    Two BIG ideas to create your perfect choir or singing experience

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Singing is very simple really: you open your mouth and the sound comes out.   photo by chaosmunkey   But we often allow our heads (and doubts and expectations and fears and ...) to get in the way. ... read more

  • Jason Asbury

    Belle Voci Blending Service With Song in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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    Founded in 2012, the 50-voice intergenerational women’s chorus, Belle Voci, has been using choral performances as a means for social good by supporting causes that primarily benefit women.  The community-based ensemble includes “college students, recent graduates, mothers, grandmothers, three sets... read more

  • Chris Rowbury

    How can you possibly teach songs without a piano??!!

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   “You can’t run a singing workshop here, we don’t have a piano.”   photo by Thomas Quine   It’s amazing how many people can’t get their heads around the fact that ... read more

  • Jason Asbury

    Midcoast Community Chorus Singing As A Community For The Community in Rockport, Maine

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    When Mimi Bornstein invited singers to participate in a performance of Paul Winter’s Missa Gaia in celebration of Earth Day in 2005, she was shocked that more than 130 singers showed up to sing.  The concert attracted an audience of 800 and raised $10,000 for the Tanglewood 4-H Camp.  Ms. Bornstein&rsqu... read more

  • Lifting Our Voices to Improve Our Health As We Age

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    Music has always had the powers to lift our spirits and make the day seem a little brighter. As we age, music can be one of the most comforting ways to connect with our favorite past-times. Hearing the song you once danced to with your sweetheart as a teenager or listening to a soundtrack from one of your favorite old ... read more

  • Boost Confidence by Sharpening Your Musical Memory

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      Life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, without meaning to, you can get a song or a jingle stuck in your head and end up singing or humming it for hours - or even days. On the other hand, when you are actively trying to learn a poem, lyric, or a song, it can often take an extraordinary amount of effort to do ... read more