World Choir Games 2016
  • Chris Rowbury

    How to sing a song in a foreign language

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   “Great, a new song to learn.”   Photo by Michael Wu   “Oh, no, it’s in ‘foreign’. Help!”   listening or reading? Some songs in foreign languages are very... read more

  • meeting music

    We have new scores for you

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    Looking for something new, an Italian melody with Latin text? Than stop for a minute. Would like to present you Battista Pradal’s score for mixed voices, "Dulce Lignum" fromPH Publishers.   The several national and international prize awarded composer, Battista Pradal’s pieces are usually performed... read more

  • singing together for peace

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    Dear fellow peace choristers,                             Brussels, January, 29th 2016 We Have a Dream.  And we Have a Proposal that we would like to present to you.  Bu... read more

  • meeting music

    meet in music with Emily Dickinson - sing a poem!

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    Gladly present you a new publication, The "Nature" by Battista Pradal for female voices with Emily Dickinson’s text. Mr Pradal was member of jury in international composition and choral competitions and is artistic director of the well known meetingmusic event Venezia in Musica. ( read more

  • Ticket prices

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    I'm curious what other community choral groups charge for admission to your concert.  We currently charge $25 for adults but are reevaluating that price since members of our board feel it is too high.   Thanks for your input!

  • meeting music

    We have news for you

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    Dear Ladies, We have news for you. Here is a fresh published score from PH  Publisher. "Kyrie" is one of our well-known composer, Battista Pradal’s pieces. Besides being a composer Pradal is teacher of Piano, Composition and Harmony and artistic director of the well known meeting music event Venezia in... read more

  • meeting music

    More new publication from PH Publisher for you

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    Some more news for you! Mixed choir watch out and get in touch with our published piece at PH Publisher "Make me a picture of the sun" by Battista Pradal.   His works have been performed internationally. Many of his pieces were performed in Italy and in other countries, several of which are enclosed in some ... read more

  • Chris Rowbury

    We’re all equal here: singing together is the great leveller

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Singing together is one of the most egalitarian experiences we can have.   Photo by wynlok   It doesn’t matter how much you earn, what your job is, where you went to school or who you know. Just ad... read more

  • meeting music

    Looking for something new?

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    You like Italian composers and have already met the composer in person at an international choir competition? Find out at  PH Publisher about the published piece "Saluto alla Beata Vergine Maria" for mixed choirs by Battista Pradal.   Battista Pradal obtained his diplomas of Composition, Piano and Choral ... read more

  • meeting music

    What is new from PH Publisher?

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    Dear friends of Choral Music, you are thrilled by the ideas and pieces of  Ivan Yohan are just looking for a new “adventure”? Please have a look at "Pentatonic Hallelujah" for female voices, published by PH Publisher.   Ivan Yohan is a young Indonesian singer, conductor and Grand Prize Winner... read more