• MelbourneInternationalSingersFestival

    CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED QUEEN – THECHO!R sings for a cure to cancer!!!

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    Celebrating the timeless music of Freddie Mercury and Queen, THECHO!R presents CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED QUEEN at the Thornbury Theatre on Sat 20th September at 8pm and Sunday 21st September at 2pm. THECHO!R, created by award winning conductor Dr Jonathon Welch AM in 2009, presents their second SING FOR A CURE concer... read more

  • Bennette simon

    Bringing Joy with signing

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    Music has been the inseparabale part of human life. And when the ear listens to music, the mouth responds with signing. For some, music and signing brings joy to themselves while for some, it helps them express themselves. Nevertheless, there is one important trait that a signer or a musician should never forget. It is... read more

  • Zachary  Moore

    Anyone Can Compose!

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    Before you disagree with the title of this first blog, I encourage you to read through this and then make up your mind. I am going to start this first post out with a quote that captures the essence of why I began to compose. “Greatness is anywhere someone is trying to find it.” When I began to compose I co... read more

  • Kitty Babcock

    Let a Smile Be Your --- FACE!

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    This was originally published on the Embro Thistle Singers' blog.    Have you ever walked through a mall or downtown and "people watched"?  Oh my.  There are people walking around who, in my mother's words, would be horrified if their faces froze in that expression.  I have a friend who alway... read more

  • Chris Rowbury

    Don’t stress about things you can’t control

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    I’ve just finished reading a remarkable book called The Art of Possibility. It’s jointly authored by Rosamund Stone Zander and her husband, Benjamin Zander, who is an orchestral conductor.   Ben Zander by p_c_w   In the book, Ben Zander tells an anecdote about absenteeism in a community orch... read more

  • TMChoir

    TMChoir announces Singsation Saturday Choral Workshop season

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    As part of our mission, the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir presents opportunities for singers from across the Greater Toronto Area to sing great choral works together under the direction of some of Toronto’s talented conductors It has been well-reported that singing together helps people and communities (including ... read more

  • Kitty Babcock

    Is It All About Phrasing?

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    This was originally published on the Embro Thistle Singers blog.  The phrase is that curved line in a piece of music that is like climbing a mountain.  You start out with lots of excitement.  It is hard work to go up that slanted side and you watch every step.  You reach the top and there you are... read more

  • Chris Rowbury

    How audiences behave and how we respond

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   The way an audience responds can affect our performance. In the absence of feedback, our most negative thoughts can raise their ugly heads.   Bored audience by artfulblogger   If an audience is unrespons... read more

  • Chris Rowbury

    Trust is the key to a great singing experience in a choir

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    [A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   There is a lot of trust involved in being a singer in a choir.     Trust that you will eventually learn the song; trust that, even if you’re slightly under-rehearsed, your musical director will guid... read more

  • Andrew Throssell

    ALBION - Underground

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    ALBION - Underground Venue: Peak Cavern (Devil's Arse), Peak Cavern Rd, Castleton, Hope Valley, , S33 8WS Dates: 24 October 2014 Price: £15 Website Uploaded by: artcab   ALBION UNDERGROUND – Friday 24th October, 7.30 and 9pm   Gates open 30 minute... read more