• Listening Part 1 - A Learned Skill

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    This post was orginally found on our Embro Thistle Singers blog. I remember when we had Professional Development Days when I was teaching, the teachers would complain that they were more tired that day than from a whole day of teaching.  I had had the opportunity to study and do workshops on Listening, a Learne... read more

  • Dealing with conflict

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        There is something to choir conducting that is shared by every team professional and that I would want to talk about: we have to deal with groups, we want our groups to be able to work as a team and we sometimes have to deal with conflict. I was asked today what would I do if I had to perform one piece... read more

  • Learning to love the sound of your own voice

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    [this is a version of a post which first appeared on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   I recently wrote about some of the reasons why you might think you can’t sing.   Suessian megaphone by theparadigmshifter   One of those reasons is that you might not like the sound of your own voic... read more

  • How To Schedule Your Concerts

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    It was a very interesting discussion onChoralNet.  There was a choir concerned that they had a concert and only 17 people turned up. They asked for some input on how to do things differently so that they didn't have that happen again.There were some very great ideas and it really made me think about how and why pe... read more

  • ALBION - Spring Song with Albion at Holy Trinity Church

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    3 May 2014: Spring Songs with Albion, Holy Trinity Church Bernard Lee Heard three times, this was not a concert to be at if you had an aversion to Parry’s Jerusalem. Holy Trinity is not a big church, neither is it a small one and was packed, the assemblage lustily letting rip on the third occasion to end th... read more

  • Albion - in Profile Magazine, Sheffield Star April 2014

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    There’s something deeply familiar about the music of choral group Albion, as Rob Hollingworth found out.A unique take on traditionclassicalwww.etcmag.net Twitter@etcmag_south magazine - April 2014With a repertoire consisting of new choral pieces, all written in the two years since they were formed, Albion sound l... read more

  • Exactly who’s in charge of my choir?! – how to deal with change

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    [this is a version of a post which first appeared on my blog From the Front of the Choir] This post is part of a series of occasional Questions and Answers. Just contact me if you want to submit a question that I will answer in a future blog post.   A choir leader asks:   “The church I work fo... read more

  • To touch or not to touch...

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        Since I have been conducting choirs in UK, there is something that I found intriguing. That is the fact that some people gave me, amongst other kinds of positive and most interesting feedback, comments about “surprising” and “unusual” pedagogy. They were referring to touch. &nbs... read more

  • Singers needed for Gavin Bryars concert!

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    The Addison Singers Chamber Choir need a few extra voices (SATB but especially basses) for our upcoming concert with the renowned composer GAVIN BRYARS on 17th May 2014.  http://www.gavinbryars.com/calendar/london-performance-jesus-blood-plus-other-choral-works.  This is a prestigious event and we will be per... read more

  • Why can’t I sing?

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    [this is a version of a post which first appeared on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   “Why can’t I sing?” The short answer is: “You can. Everybody can.”   Choir of the Munich University of Applied Sciences by Mark Kamin   The whole of my singing work is based ... read more