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GAUJAS MEITA ROTATAJA (Eriks Esenvalds) - Vocal ensemble BREVIS

Video Information

  • Choir: Vocal ensemble Brevis
  • Piece: Gaujas Meita Rotataja
  • Composer:  Eriks Esenvalds
  • Conductor:  Antoaneta Radocaj-Jerkovic
  • Voices:  SSAA
  • Genres: A cappella
  • Vocal ensemble BREVIS
    conductor: Antoaneta Radočaj-Jerković
    Eriks Esenvalds: GAUJAS MEITA ROTATAJA

    (The River Gauja's Playful Daughter)
    Institute for Choral Music POLIFONIJA, Osijek

    video by: Davor Dedić...  more
Posted April 13, 2020
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