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Kelly Galbraith's Blog Entries

  • Surviving the end of the World

    First Published: Notthechurchlady 'Have Organ Shoes will Travel' by Kelly Galbraith   Of course I’ll do it!’ I told maestro David Fallis. I remember the morning well, Sunday Dec 8, 2013 because it was the day after Cantores Celestes, the women`s choir that I direct, sang Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria&lsquo... read more
  • Feb 2 – Tunes & Stories for Groundhog Day

    Originally published   Today is the day that camera crews focus their lenses on three rodents. Folks who suffer back aches while shovelling & stamp their feet to bring circulation to their toes while waiting for a bus that has long since given ... read more
  • The little kindred - Fairies in Music by Kelly Galbraith

    Originally Published:   25 cents.  That’s what I got for a baby tooth slipped under my pillow many years ago. Now, according to a 2014 Visa survey, kids get an average of $3.70 per tooth.  Pretty decent change from a winged cre... read more
  • Vampires! a very SCARY Musical Journey Blahhhhhh by Kelly Galbraith

    Originally published on Themes & Variations October 6, 2014 As my dog Rowie and I walk through our neighbourhood, I notice Halloween decorations beginning to mark our route.  There is a white sheeted ghost with holes for eyes hanging from a tree l... read more
  • Casanova & Beautiful Music: His life of magic potions, great prison escapes, and of course - women!

    “Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life.” Giacomo Casanova Originally published: The sex lives of Errol Flynn or George Clooney are nothing compared with the rakish life of the most famous womanizer of them all, Giacomo Casanova. He was ... read more
  • Cleopatra by Kelly Galbraith

    First published:   “Fool!  Don’t you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you.” Cleopatra A summer vacation ritual of mine is to crack the covers of a couple of Shakespeare plays and read them aloud wh... read more
  • Alexander Pushkin the Muse of the Great Russian Composers by Kelly Galbraith

    Originally published “If you but knew the flames that burn in me which I attempt to beat down with my reason.”Alexander Pushkin On this rainy summer morning I nursed my second cup of coffee while getting lost in the stacks of boo... read more
  • Charlie Chaplin - The Man and His Music

    Charlie Chaplin -The Man & His Music originally published: Today is day one of my summer vacation.  Yahoo! I’ve already been out for a kayak paddle and I’m thinking about which old movies I want to watch in the late evenings with a scoop of my fa... read more
  • Performance Bloopers by Not the Church Lady AKA Kelly Galbraith

     Originally published “Don’t worry.  It always works out in performance.”  Nope.  Even as a child I knew that wasn’t true when a well-meaning adult would pat me on the head&nbs... read more
  • Visions of Paradise - Choral Musings on Heaven by Kelly Galbraith

    This Blog was originally published:Themes & Variations by Musican & Producer Kelly Galbraith     This beautiful May morning was the first time since the bleak days of early November that I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face as I dip... read more