World Choir Games Flanders 2021

The 9th World Peace Choral Festival - Gala Concert at Golden Hall of Musikverein

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    "Coming together to sing, singing for a better future", the World Peace Choral Festival is organized annually in Vienna in the 2nd half of July, supported by the Austrian federal government authorities, the city government of Vienna, the Vienna Boys Choir, the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, NGOs, enterprises and a series of personalities. Since its premiere in August 2010, choirs from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa have participated at the festival and brought the beautiful memory back home.
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    44 famous choirs coming from different countries including Armenia, Austria (under them also the famous Vienna Boys Choir), Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Georgia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Tschech Republic, USA etc. As one of the most important choral events in the world, the World Peace Choral Festival aims to provide a platform for the young generation as well as enthusiastic adult choirs of different countries to perform, communicate and to create better intercultural understanding. Both classical and folk music should be promoted accordingly. We are proudly to present to you all about the gala concert which the Vienna Boys Choir will be joining also and it will be one of the highlights of the festival as the closing ceremony.


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    29th July 2018 11:00

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    29th July 2018 19:30


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