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Why Singing May Be The Best Anti-Aging Solution


    As if you needed another reason to sing for joy, recent research has confirmed that singing improves positive feelings and social connections, reducing stress and making people feel more relaxed and happy. Perhaps this is why singers often appear to possess younger characteristics in terms of being energetic, cheerful and willing to try new experiences. From the physical effects it has on your body, to the mental and social benefits of joining a choir, singing may well be one of the most effective, fun and inexpensive anti-agers in town.

    Skin that loves the spotlight

    Research has shown that singing can reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Having too much cortisol in the body is associated with acne in younger skin, or an acceleration of the aging process in older skin, with the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots. By reducing your stress levels, and the presence of cortisol, your skin has one less aging factor to worry about. Singing also fosters good skincare habits when it comes to cutting back on caffeine and recognizing the importance of drinking enough water.  Staying well hydrated not only helps your vocal cords, but water keeps skin plump and youthful and flushes out toxins too. 

    Perfect posture

    The number of over 50s practising yoga has tripled over the past four years, as seniors look for ways to stay supple, improve their posture and strengthen their core muscles.  Singing delivers these benefits too; when breathing techniques are used properly, your core will become stronger, helping you to stand taller and look more confident and youthful.  Practically, these muscles are also essential for maintaining independence and mobility as you grow older, rising from chairs or bending to tie shoelaces should be possible without that telltale sigh of aging.

    Get happy

    Studies have shown that singing makes you happy, largely by releasing endorphins, the feelgood chemicals in the brain. Once again, singers’ breathing techniques prove to be handy anti-agers, drawing more oxygen into the blood and improving circulation, which makes you appear more alert, cheerful and energetic.  Research has also found that singing in groups can help people to feel socially connected, which again encourages a young-spirited approach to life.

    A helpful hobby

    Practising your songs at home between rehearsals may be one of the best anti-aging things you can do for your health.  A study has found that engaging in a hobby such as singing for one or more hour every day may protect against dementia in later life.  Whether you’re singing in the car or learning your lyrics as you cook, you’re also keeping your brain healthy.

    When it comes to keeping young, singing may be just the anti-aging regime you need.  From improving your skin and posture, to making you feel happier and even protecting your long term brain health, it offers so much to keep you feeling and looking young.  It’s also a wonderfully sociable and friendly hobby. As effective anti-aging treatments go, spending time with like minded people, creating great harmonies and learning new skills together, must surely be pitch perfect.

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