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Jackie Edwards's Blog Entries

  • How the ‘Land of Song’ Holds A Special Place in Music Culture

    With well over 100 male voice choirs in Wales today, there are few better ways to experience their rich culture than to witness the historical choirs singing traditional songs across the land. As the country’s most treasured and notable feature, history tells us that singing in these choirs were once used to establish their rug... read more
  • Throwing a Themed Party to Remember with Your Choir

    If you sing in a choir then chances are, you don’t need to be sold on its benefits. Choir singing has been found in many studies to do amazing things (including boosting the immune system) and forming part of one can also boost your social skills. If the anniversary of your choir is coming up or you want to celebrate a seasonal event, wh... read more
  • Spend All Day At A Desk? Boost Your Fitness By Singing

    A recent study found that a staggering 81% people who have a desk job spend between four and nine hours a day sitting down. 64% of people felt that this wasn’t good for their health. Having this daily sedentary lifestyle certainly isn’t good for overall fitness levels and makes you more prone to putting on weight. The good new... read more
  • Why Everyone Should Join a Choir When They Retire

    Why Everyone Should Join a Choir When They Retire In Britain, over 2.8 million people enjoy the benefits of singing in a choir. There is music for every taste, from rock and pop choirs, to gospel and classical. Choral singing isn’t just something that is reserved for Sunday morning hymns, it is all-inclusive and community based. Wh... read more
  • What Is The Best Venue For My Choir Practice?

    A choir needs regular rehearsals to improve their singing, but finding the right venue can be difficult. When you are first starting out, renting rehearsal space and still being able to break even after subscriptions are paid, is often the most important thing. But as your choir grows, you may want to look for somewhere that is already set up well ... read more
  • What Is The Best Software For My Choir Arrangements?

    Many choir MDs find that one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to sheet music for their community choirs. You may be running a mixed ability choir, or a choir with a limited vocal range. It may be (as the case sadly is with many community choirs) that you have many ladies, but not enough men, so need to find music that will a... read more
  • Why Singing May Be The Best Anti-Aging Solution

      As if you needed another reason to sing for joy, recent research has confirmed that singing improves positive feelings and social connections, reducing stress and making people feel more relaxed and happy. Perhaps this is why singers often appear to possess younger characteristics in terms of being energetic, cheerful and willing to tr... read more
  • Hitting The Right Fashion Notes Without Compromising On Comfort

    If you’re reading this while decluttering your wardrobe you’re not alone; Netflix’s new Marie Kondo show has inspired something of a global clearout, with her Instagram following rising from 710,000 to 1.2million within a fortnight and social media flooded with before and after pictures. Much like a good wardrobe, singin... read more
  • Sing, sing, sing for a celebration!

    The late Ella Fitzgerald, who was known as one of the best female vocalists of her time, was once quoted as saying: “The only thing better than singing is more singing.” In the USA alone, more than 28.5 million people regularly sing in one of more than 250,000 chorus groups, making choral singing by far the most popular of all the arts-... read more
  • Will Weight Gain or Weight Loss Affect My Singing?

    If you have lost or gained weight then it can have an effect on your singing voice, in terms of pitch and timbre. A study on classical singers by Rebekah K Smeltzer of the University of Miami, showed that your weight affects your airflow and control too. Body weight makes a difference to how much physical effort it takes for your body to&... read more