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Hitting The Right Fashion Notes Without Compromising On Comfort

  • If you’re reading this while decluttering your wardrobe you’re not alone; Netflix’s new Marie Kondo show has inspired something of a global clearout, with her Instagram following rising from 710,000 to 1.2million within a fortnight and social media flooded with before and after pictures. Much like a good wardrobe, singing in a choir can certainly spark joy, so what clothing should you definitely keep for rehearsal nights or concert performances? Many choirs will have specific dress codes for performances, but for everyday singing, there are a few simple wardrobe wins that will help you look and sound your best.

    Freedom to move

    Research has shown that singing can improve posture, breathing capacity and muscle tension.  In order to achieve this, you do need to be comfortable but this doesn’t have to mean abandoning your sense of style.  Fitted but relaxed clothing such as slim pants, a wrap dress or pleated skirt will give you freedom to move but should also enable you to place your hand on your diaphragm and check that you’re breathing correctly.  Flat or mid heel shoes will help you to maintain your balance and imagine that golden thread pulling your body up so that you stand tall; thankfully many designers are offering a fresh take on flats this year.

    Express yourself

    A recent study in the UK found that singing in groups makes people happier by boosting mental health and helping them to feel more supported and able to express themselves.  Clothing is a really important outlet for self-expression; what you wear to rehearsal tells your group a bit about you and your values.  Hobbies such as singing also allow you to express yourself as you, rather than simply an employee, math teacher or Mom.  A bold red lip or on-trend print can not only lift your mood, it can also help your fellow singers get to know you a little better, opening up conversations and finding common ground.  

    Show time

    When it comes to performing, choose clothes which boost your confidence.  Your group may well have a prescribed dress code, but either way, a pair of classic black pants are always useful.  Choose a cut which flatters your body shape, and ideally won’t date so that you can use them in concerts for years. For your top half, choose a neckline which is flattering but not too revealing; you don’t want to spend a second worrying about it on the night.  It’s worth giving a little thought to your sleeve shape - a gently fluted sleeve can look elegant and beautiful if you’re performing a little armography. Unless advised otherwise, keep jewelry discreet for show nights, and remember to spend a little longer on your makeup; strong lighting will need slightly heavier makeup than usual to avoid looking washed out.

    Singing is one of life’s great joys and, when chosen correctly, your clothing can be too. When it comes to rehearsals, choose clothes which allows you to move and breathe freely, but also expresses your personality.  For performances, add in a little drama but most importantly, choose clothes which make you feel confident and ready for the spotlight.

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