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Holly M's Blog Entries

  • Ottawa Choral Masterclass w/ Gabriel Lewis-O'Connor - Limited enrolment, BOOK NOW!

    MASTERCLASS with Gabriel Lewis O’Connor  former member of Chanticleer Gabriel Lewis-O'connor lunches with Pete during last years choral workshop Gabe has recently returned to the Midwest from Seattle, Washington, where he was an active singer, director and choral clinician. Currently a doctoral student in choral conducting at the Un... read more
  • Glebe choirs "United in Song" with Stairwell Carollers - Arnprior choral concert May 5th 2018

    "United in Song" this Saturday, May 5th 8:00pm  at St. John Chrysostom Church, 295 Albert St in Arnprior.   So exciting! To help celebrate the choir's 40th Anniversary, The Stairwell Carollers are hosting workshops and singing with guest choirs from Glebe Collegiate Institute at our FIRST Spring 2018 ... read more
  • Pierre Massie Choral Music Catalogue now available

    You are here because you have an interest in choral music.  I'm here because it is my passion.  I compose, sing, direct and arrange choral music -- my choir, The Stairwell Carollers, is my instrument. I've been tuning this instrument now for nearly 40 years, and it never gets old.    They bring the music I love, and t... read more
  • Ear Training - from the Directors viewpoint

    (adapted from a post in The Stairwell Carollers Choir Blog) David Rain, tenor:  How on earth  do you hear everyone, including our mistakes, while singing along at full throttle?   Pierre: I'm not sure, but you're definitely right about my being able to hear everything.  It's not necessarily that I can pin point a spec... read more
  • Like "Big Bang"? Try it Renaissance style :)

    "Amor Vittorioso" was written in 1591 as part of a musical Commedia dell'arte. What could that have to do with half hour TV comedies? Well, I'll tell you. Did you know that Renaissance Madrigals helped birth Opera and Operettas? Yeah, I didn't either and it explains a lot. All those Fa la la la las and other nonsense words flying out ... read more
  • Katrina's Song

      Wow 40 years! Where did the time go? I've always been one of the oldest members of the Stairwell Carollers - if not the OLDEST - at our choir's 20th anniversary in 1997 I was 41, but still didn't look a day over 30. Pierre had HAIR - and I shampooed out my grey at home in 20 minutes. This was our 4th appearance on CTV's Regional Co... read more
  • Ten Tips to Ace your Audition

        Relax, research and ready yourself. A good audition can get be your ticket to sing in your fave group. Whether you are booking an audition for the Stairwell Carollers, or Googling "how to audition for a choir", I  want to help you do your best at any choir tryout. Our choir holds auditions twice a year; mid to late August... read more
  • Auditions this week!

        Update - Auditions closed for the season -- thanks to all who came out!    Searching for just the right choir? Do you sing bass or tenor? Do you live within driving distance of the Ottawa, Canada's Capital region? Join us! Tenor and bass auditions  continue this Wed - Aug. 23rd 2017. Email us now -... read more
  • Choral Linky party Monthly -- August 2013

                               We want to connect with other bloggers who love choral music. Sharing links is one of the best ways to boost your blog's audience.   Use our easy Linky tool to post your composition ti... read more
  • 2013 Stairwell Caroller Auditions now on -- book now -- don't delay! Tenors and Basses only

                     Our next round of auditions will be held at St. Columba church, 24 Sandridge, Ottawa, Ontario, consecutive Wednesdays Aug 21, Aug 28 and Sept. 4, 2013. We are looking for Tenors and Basses.  PLEASE RETWEET! 2013 Stairwell Caroller #Auditions now on -- book now -- don't delay!... read more