World Choir Games Flanders 2021

Summer is icumen in (slightly embellished)

Video Information

  • Choir: dwsChorale
  • Piece: Sumer is icumen in
  • Composer:  Anonymous
  • Arranger:  David Warin Solomons
  • Voices:  AATB
  • Genres: A cappella, Early Music
  • A performance with a few extra (silly!) musical ideas by the dwsChorale
    Sumer is icumen in
    Lhude sing cuccu
    Groweþ sed
    and bloweþ med
    and springþ þe wde nu
    Sing cuccu

    Awe bleteþ after lomb
    lh...  more
Posted January 17, 2020
Owned by David Solomons
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