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Gute Nacht

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  • Choir: Skt.Michaelischor Schleswig
  • Piece: Gute Nacht
  • Composer:  Björn Mummert
  • Conductor:  Guido Helmentag
  • Voices:  SATB
  • Sheet Music:
  • Genres: A cappella, Classical, Sacred, Contemporary
  • "Gute Nacht" - Chor SATB. Abendlied/Lullaby von/by Björn Mummert sung by Skt.Michaelischor Schleswig,

    Lyric sense: Good night, another day is ending, asking for it's sense, haste hinders the view on the world of god. But at night, time h...  more
Posted February 23, 2019
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