World Choir Games Flanders 2020

AKMUZ FER - Kalinka

Video Information

  • Choir: AKMUZ FER
  • Piece: Kalinka
  • Composer:  Ivan Larionov
  • Arranger:  Josip degl' Ivellio
  • Conductor:  Josip degl' Ivellio
  • Voices:  T1T2B1B2
  • Genres: A cappella
  • Autor: Ivan Larionov
    Arrangement: Josip degl' Ivellio

    VII. Festa choralis at University of Zagreb. "AKMUZ FER" and solist Roko Radovan perform "Kalinka".

    This performance is dedicated to all members of the Academic E...  more
Posted January 25
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