World Choir Games 2018

Yan zi/The Swallow (燕子) - Cross-cultural Choral Project

Video Information

  • Choir: Hong Kong Children's Choir (Hong Kong) and Quintessential Vocal Ensemble (Newfoundland)
  • Piece: Yan zi/The Swallow
  • Composer:  Dr. Jeanette Gallant
  • Arranger:  Dr. Jeanette Gallant
  • Conductor:  Dr. Jeanette Gallant
  • Voices:  SSATB
  • Voices:  SSA
  • Sheet Music:  
  • Genres: Folk/Ethnic, Cross-cultural
  • This project mixes a folk song from China's Xinjiang province (called "Yan zi" 燕子 or little swallow} with the folk song "She's Like a Swallow" from Newfoundland, Canada. The piece - written for SSATB and string orchestra - was composed by Dr. Jeanette Gal...  more
Posted August 3
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