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Scott Villard--Vexilla Regis for SATB (2015)--Sung by Matthew Curtis of ChoralTr...  

Video Information

  • Choir: Matthew Curtis of ChoralTracks
  • Piece: Vexilla Regis
  • Composer:  Scott Villard
  • Voices:  SATB
  • Sheet Music:  
  • Genres: A cappella, Classical, Sacred
  • If anyone decides to perform this, please let me know.

    Vexilla regis prodeunt
    Fulget crucis mysterium
    Quo carne carnis conditor
    Suspensus est patibulo.

    O crux ave spes unica
    Hoc passionis temporemore
Posted February 29, 2016
Owned by Scott Villard
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