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Amazing Grace - 8-part a cappella - arr.: Dénise Stockmann

Video Information

  • Choir: Choirish
  • Piece: Amazing Grace
  • Arranger:  Dénise Stockmann
  • Conductor:  Dénise Stockmann
  • Voices:  SSAAATBB
  • Sheet Music:  
  • Genres: Gospel, A cappella, Classical, Christmas
  • This a cappella arrangement was sung by my vocal ensemble CHOIRISH. The group consists of Anna Sofie Damsgård (S), Astrid Gotlieb Jensen (A), Bjarke Brandt (T), Bjarne Madsen (B), Helen Jagd Christensen (A), Maja Mann (A), Mette Beier Jensen (S), Simon Fy...  more
Posted December 1, 2014
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