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Vocalocity - Lakachta Et Yadi לקחת את ידי בידך

Video Information

  • Choir: Vocalocity
  • Piece: Lakachta Et Yadi BeYadcha לקחת את ידי בידך
  • Composer:  Matti Caspi
  • Arranger:  Kevin Fox
  • Conductor:  Kevin Fox
  • Voices:  SAT
  • Genres: Pop/Rock, A cappella, Contemporary
  • Our unique acapella version for the famous Matti Caspi and Yaakov Rotbliet song, "Lakachta Et Yadi BeYadcha" (You took my hand in yours), originally performed by one of Israel's most popular singers, Yehudit Ravitz. Arrangement by Kevin Fox.
Posted September 22, 2014
Owned by Adi Agasi
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