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There Is a Name (SA Chorus & Orchestra) - Dedication Anthem for The New England ...  

Video Information

  • Choir: NotePerformer 3 Audio Engine
  • Piece: There Is a Name
  • Composer:  Stanley M. Hoffman
  • Arranger:  Stanley M. Hoffman
  • Voices:  Treble
  • Sheet Music:  
  • Genres: Classical, Folk/Ethnic, Jewish Music, Holocaust
  • NotePerformer 3 Audio and scrolling score video in search of live regional performances.

    Music by Stanley M. Hoffman (1995) & Words by Joseph H. Albeck (1995)
    Words: © Copyright 1995 by Joseph H. Albeck.
    All rights reserved....  more
Posted September 12
Owned by Stanley M. Hoffman
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