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What Would I Do Without My Music Gresley Male Voice Choir
video: What Would I Do Without My Music Gresley Male Voice Choir

Gresley Male Voice Choir performing "What Would I Do Without My Music?" at their 110 years choir anniversary March 2014


Choral music, unlike contemporary gospel music, is a type of music most youth Do not appreciate. Some youth Beatwaves interviewed disclosed that they preferred music that Would make them dance and that choral music sometimes was boring. Nonetheless,...  more

Regenbogenchor Bad Nauheim
group: Regenbogenchor Bad Nauheim

Loving all kinds of a cappellla music, we sing music of (nearly) all ages and all styles. Renaissance, 19th century, modern choral music, pop, .... - we like nearly every theme and style. We try to use original languages and love to engage us in music whi...  more

Voices of Aloha
group: Voices of Aloha

It’s time for a new season of making great music together. We are inviting singers to join us for a 5-month journey of learning great music, creating valuable new relationship with others and sharing our music with others. If you love to sing, please jo...  more

blog: Choral Sheet Music Collection

I have a collection of various pieces of choral sheet music both popular and classical. I am selling this music at half the list price or less for each piece. This is a good way for school music directors and church choir directors to obtain sample copies...

blog: United through music

If we can understand, desire and celebrate diversity within choral music, why cannot we Do it in society?Every time I write music, I immerse Myself in a game, a game in which I think that each melody is like a person: It has its own authenticity and auton...

Tehran Choir
group: Tehran Choir

Established in 1999, Tehran Choir is one of the most active an notable Iranian choirs. Tehran Choir has performed a wide repertoire of Baroque to 20th-century music along with Iranian folk music, Iranian contemporary music, jazz, and also participated in ...  more

blog: Tackling complex song structure without written music

[this is a version of a post which first appeared on My blog From the Front of the Choir]   The choirs and workshops that I lead are run on the principle that music should be accessible to all. This means that I Don’t use written music to te...

blog: New Year - New opportunities in 2018 with meeting music

Dear Fans of choral music! January is the time for re-start and New Year’s resolutions! We Do not promise anything else to you, but in the way you always believed in: a great festive season full of exciting music programs. NEW: Find out about...

blog: Atmospheric Music For Your All-Abilities Choir

Atmospheric choral music often includes at least four harmony parts, sometimes many more. For the average village or community choir this can be a challenge to say the least, especially when many of the singers have limited experience or are non-music rea...