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The lights grow dim in Nottingham from Robin Prince of Sherwood by Pete Howarth and Rick Fenn perfor
video: The lights grow dim in Nottingham from Robin Prince of Sherwood by Pete Howarth and Rick Fenn perfor

The lights grow dim in Nottingham Words and music by Pete Howarth and Rick Fenn (of The Hollies and 10CC) from The show Robin Prince of Sherwood arranged for choir by Andrew Emmet Performed by tenor Richard McHale and The dwsChorale (multitrack one-ma...  ink" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="$(this).getParent().getNext().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">more

London City Singers at Nottingham 2015
video: London City Singers at Nottingham 2015

London City Singers' contest performance at Nottingham 2015, The annual convention of The Quartet of Nations Region 31 of Sweet Adelines international held at The Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, England last 09 May 2015. The song package includes "Wh...  ink" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="$(this).getParent().getNext().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">morek" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="$(this).getParent().getPrevious().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

Northern Lights (Ola Gjeilo)
video: NorThern lights (Ola Gjeilo)

Ola Gjeilo's new Choral Piece NORTheRN lights is a reflection of when he watched The NorThern lights in his home country of Norway. Performed by PMEA honor Choir and Conducted by Joseph Ohrt Check out Ola Gjeilo and his music at

Northern Lights project
group_photo: NorThern lights project

A lovely photo of our NoThern lights project conductor, Charlotte Botha, after a successful concert.

Green grow the rushes oh for three voices
video: Green grow The rushes oh for three voices

arranged by D W Solomons: for men's voices (in G), mixed voices (in B) and women's voices (in D)) These arrangements of The song skip from 5 to 12 in order to avoid tiring The audience ("Let's not make Them listen to The lot!") This version in G is per...  ink" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="$(this).getParent().getNext().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">more

A Feast of Lights | The Girl Choir of South Florida
video: A Feast of lights | The Girl Choir of South Florida

The Primes Choir of The Girl Choir of South Florida performs "A Feast of lights" by Fredrick Silver live during The 2010 Winter Concert "Timbrel and Harp" on December 11, 2010, at Second Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Associate Director:...  ink" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="$(this).getParent().getNext().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">more

Let My Silence Grow
video: Let My Silence grow

Performers: University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Concert Choir, under The direction of Dr. Frank Watkins. Composer: Zachary J. Moore Poet: Kamand Kojouri Score: Coming soon to MusicSpoke.

blog: RAVE REVIEW for new CHORAL CD - NORTheRN lights -

NorThern lights, a beautiful Choral CD, musically describing The visually awesome natural event in Norway.    The music by young contemporary Norwegian composer, Ola Gjeilo, has been recorded by Chandos and The Phoenix Choir.  It has alr...

Northern Lights Chorale
group: NorThern lights Chorale

The director of this 80 voice ensemble, Bruce Phelps, founded NorThern lights Chorale with The following three part mission: To provide a quality choral experience for singers and audiences, explore new repertoire and sing music of The masters, and to pe...  ink" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="$(this).getParent().getNext().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">morek" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="$(this).getParent().getPrevious().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

Gaudeamus Choir Brno - Ola Gjeilo 'Northern Lights'
video: Gaudeamus Choir Brno - Ola Gjeilo 'NorThern lights'

Ola Gjeilo: NorThern lights Gaudeamus Choir Brno / Pěvecký sbor Gaudeamus Brno conductor: Daša Karasová 7 July 2018, Loreto, Italy