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Judith Bingham - The Drowned Lovers - Swara Vocal Ensemble
video: Judith Bingham - The Drowned Lovers - Swara Vocal Ensemble

Judith Bingham - The Drowned Lovers Anna Nuytten, mezzo-soprano Swara Vocal Ensemble Ivan Yohan, conductor

Judith Bingham - The Drowned Lovers
video: Judith Bingham - The Drowned Lovers

Swara Vocal Ensemble - Ivan Yohan, conductor From The online edition of "Ciudad Sin SueƱo" concert, 2021. Link to watch The full concert: Recorded at The Church of Our Lady and Saint Peter, Ghent. ELIAS Recording

blog: World Choirs

Greetings to all Choir Lovers! I am so excited to be a part of The growing world choir phenomenon. So many possibilities exist for singers, composers, and Lovers of vocal music to connect and collaborate not only musically, but socially as well. Having be...

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Dear Choirs and Lovers of Choral Music,   We know that your schedule could be tight as well as preparing extensively for an international competition needs time. That’s why we would like to assist you in planning and show you our events for c...

blog: Musica Eterna in 2019? - Why not?

Since 2005 Rome is host city for  choirs, singers and choral music Lovers at our events from all over The world. It is a special place to share The idea of coming togeTher and find yourselves in melodies in eternal city. Inspired by a vib...

blog: Welcome to ChoirPlace

ChoirPlace is an online community-based center for choir members and vocal music Lovers.We aim at being The ultimate place for easily finding information about choirs and vocal groups, for finding and watching videos of choral music that were added by The...

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New on The music scene is a community of creative songwriters, singers, and musicians, sharing what we all love-MUSIC. VocalMatch provides a free spotlight for singers and songwriters to share Their talents worldwide.   Singers-Download The feature...

Amadeus Singers
group: Amadeus Singers

Amadeus Singers was formed by a group of music Lovers with The objective of not only grooming its members to become outstanding vocalists but also to rouse within The Nigerian people a yearning and appreciation for music as well as raise a younger music c...  more

group: Novo Concertante Manila

A chamber choir composed of music Lovers from all walks of life who enjoy singing togeTher, The Novo Concertante Manila was originally formed as a recital choir in 1998. It has evolved into an ensemble determined to reinvent itself continuously as it deve...  more

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World Choir Lovers might want to check out The brand new videos we just posted from The 2013 Mozambique, Africa Manda Wilderness Choir Festival.   More information and videos will be posted soon...