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Tim Sarsany - Salve Mater Misericordiae
video: Tim Sarsany - Salve Mater Misericordiae

► Complete playlist: Open a'cappella concert, 29 January 2019, Hall of the Main Building of the Gdańsk University of Technology Performer: Academic Choir of the Gdańsk University...  more

Salve Mater - Jaeggi
video: Salve Mater - Jaeggi

This chant, harmonized beautifully by Swedish composer Oswald Jaeggi, was recorded in November of 2019 before the pandemic. It is a reminder of the peace that prayer and beauty can provide. Mater Dei, ora pro nobis! Translation Refrain: Hail, Mother o...  more

Salve, Regina Maria Mater Dei
video: Salve, Regina Maria Mater Dei

Encargo de Conrado Álvarez para la exposición 'Noche de fe' de Miguel Ángel Martín. Escultura en bronce. Más información:

Pergolesi. Stabat Mater 2011.03.05
video: Pergolesi. Stabat Mater 2011.03.05

"STABAT Mater", Giovanni Baptista PERGOLESI I. Stabat Mater II. Cujus animam III. O quam tristis IV. Quae moerebat V. Quis est homo VI. Vidit suum VII. Eia Mater VIII. Fac ut ardeat IX. Sancta Mater X. Fac ut portem XI. Inflamatus XII. Quando ...  more

Antonín Dvořák: Stabat mater - Eja mater
video: Antonín Dvořák: Stabat Mater - Eja Mater

The 3rd movement of Antonín Dvořák`s "Stabat Mater" - Eja Mater fons amoris Eia Mater, fons amoris Me sentire vim doloris Fac, ut tecum lugeam Alas, Mother, fount of love, Make me feel the violence of thy sorrow, That I may mourn with thee. ...  more

Francis Poulenc: STABAT MATER [complete version]
video: Francis Poulenc: STABAT Mater [complete version]

Francis Poulenc (1899 - 1963): Stabat Mater (1950) 1. Stabat Mater dolorosa 00:10 2. Cujus animam 04:03 3. O quam tristis 05:17 4. Quae moerebat 07:50 5. Quis est homo 09:11 6. Vidit suum 10:49 7. Eja Mater 14:28 8. Fac ut ardeat 15:55 9. Sanc...  more

Alberto Schiavo - Stabat Mater
video: Alberto Schiavo - Stabat Mater

Alberto Schiavo - STABAT Mater for male choir (excerpts/estratti) I - Stabat Mater dolorosa 0:00 II - Quis non posset contristari 3:49 III - Fac me tecum 7:30 Amen 14:12 World premiere 24th May 2017. Budapest (Hungary) - Marble Hall of Hungarian ...  more

CHIJ KC Choir - Salve Regina
video: CHIJ KC Choir - Salve Regina

CHIJ KC Choir at Sing 'n' Joy Vienna 2012, the 1st Choir festival & 28th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition singing Salve Regina

ex-semble, Alice Tegner: O salve regina
video: ex-semble, Alice Tegner: O Salve regina

Alice Tegner: O Salve regina; at 10th International Chamber Choir Competition Marktoberdorf - Concert Dreifaltigkeitskirche Kaufbeuren . DVD and CD available

Salve Regina
video: Salve Regina