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Nana Forte: Libera Me (SYC Ensemble Singers)
video: Nana Forte: Libera Me (SYC Ensemble Singers)

Libera Me - Nana Forte. The SYC Ensemble Singers with guest conductor Cecilia Rydinger Alin, performing at Aftonen. The concert was held at the Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore, on 5 September 2015. Visit our homepage: Rea...  more

Anima Christi [Cayabyab] - Ateneo Chamber Singers
video: Anima Christi [Cayabyab] - Ateneo Chamber Singers

The ACS performing at the second installment of "Three!," a concert series featuring the choir with Singapore's SYC Ensemble Singers (Jennifer Tham, conductor) and Japan's Gaia Philharmonic Choir (Ko Matsushita, conductor). This is Mr. Cayabyab's choral s...  more

Surrey Youth Chorus
group: Surrey Youth Chorus

The SYC was formed in 1998, as children's choir Singers grew and voices changed! This four part chorus (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) is devoted to music of all styles, including Classical, Broadway and Contemporary tunes. These dynamic and talented singer...  more

Gentlemen Singers
group: Gentlemen Singers

Vocal Ensemble GENTLEMEN Singers from Hradec Králové was established in 2003. It has become one of the most significant Czech music Ensembles during its history and it is desired not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The Ensemble is currently fo...  more

The Jerusalem A-Cappella Singers
group: The Jerusalem A-Cappella Singers

Jerusalem A-Cappella Singers, an Ensemble of 25 Singers, specializes in music of the renaissance and the Baroque, as well as modern pieces, with emphasis on original and unique repertoire. The Ensemble performs in some of the most important music fes...  more

Ensemble vocal Sainte-Anne Singers
group: Ensemble vocal Sainte-Anne Singers

The Sainte-Anne Singers is a chamber Ensemble founded in 1987 in Sainte-Anne de Bellevue (30 minutes west of Montreal), with the aim of exploring a wide range of a cappella repertoire.Their concerts generally include Renaissance, pop, jazz and contemporar...  more

Family Singers
group: Family Singers

The Family Singers Ensemble was founded in 2013. The composition of members is unique in the international classical music world: all members are from one large family: six siblings between 8 and 21 years of ageand the two parents. Artistic leader: t...  more

group: MINUTIAE Ensemble

Minutiae Vocal Ensemble represents significant cultural gain of ancient region, focuses on achieving quality vocal production, based on individual education and upbringing of Singers. The artistic director of the Ensemble is Robert Feguš. The Ensemble ...  more

Vocaal Ensemble TIEN
group: Vocaal Ensemble TIEN

Vocaal Ensemble TIEN (Vocal Ensemble 'Ten') is an Amsterdam based a cappella chamber choir, founded in the mid '90s and consisting of ca 14 Singers. All participants are vocally trained, some of which at music academies. The Ensemble prepares concerts twi...  more