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Isaiah's Voice, by John Ferguson
video: Isaiah's Voice, by John Ferguson

From our 2014 Lessons and Carols Candlelight Service, featuring Dr. Trisha McGovern, violin. We are joined by guest vocalists Holly Ruth Gale (Assistant Professor of Music, ATU) and Adam Stanley (student, UCA). "Isaiah's Voice" by John Ferguson. Text Copy...  more

blog: Are Your Vocal Chords Being Affected By the Air You Breathe?

You want your Voice to work at its best no matter the time or season.  However, life has surprises and sometimes your Voice may experience some difficulties. There are days your Voice feels like an ice block and other days, it’s easy to go...

blog: BIG Voice...dare to dream

I am a filmmaker creating a musical feature documentary called BIG Voice about a visionary high school choir director and his most advanced co-ed ensemble overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become "one big Voice".  We have completed pri...

group: Cirencester Male Voice Choir

The Cirencester Male Voice Choir was formed by Phil Kerton in 2009 and is now Directed by Jules Addison. The choir perform a number of concerts each year and often sing with other Male Voice Choirs. Cirencester Male Voice Choir are also available ...  more

blog: Want to develop your Voice and sing better? Be silly and play!

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir] Trying to increase your vocal range? Want to develop a richer tone to your Voice? Puzzling over Voice placement and timbre?   photo by The-Serene-...

The Lord is my light (from Sweet)
video: The Lord is my light (from Sweet)

Text of James L.Nicholson Taken from Psalm 27 and Isaiah 12:2 Music by Manolo Da Rold Recorded live by Angelo Giordano - Modus Progetti Musicali __________________________________________________ Il Signore è la mia luce: cosa potrà spaventarmi?...  more

The Voice Community Choir
group: The Voice Community Choir

The Voice Community Choir is based in Barnstaple, North Devon. We sing a cappella music, old and new and songs from around the world. The emphasis is on enjoyment of singing - and is open to ALL.

blog: “My Voice Always Gets Sore After Choir Rehearsals. Why is This Happening to My Voice? What Can I Do About It?”

  Singing in a choir is an enjoyable musical and social activity. Few things compare to the feeling of blending your Voice with your fellow choristers. It gives you a high during and after the rehearsals. It’s even better when you’re sin...

blog: The differences between a ‘natural Voice’ choir and all the rest

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir] You may have come across the term ‘natural Voice’. You may also have realised by now that I am a member of The Natural Voice Network.   ...

One Voice Community Choir promotional video 2013
video: One Voice Community Choir promotional video 2013

For more information about One Voice Community Choir, including how to book us for your charity/corporate event or special occasion visit our website: Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook