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The Magnets - Human
video: The Magnets - HUMAN

The Magnets remake of "HUMAN" by The Killers

HUMAN - Central Buks High School West Women's Choir - ACDA || Santiago Veros
video: HUMAN - Central Buks High School West Women's Choir - ACDA || Santiago Veros

HUMAN is a piece commissioned by Joseph Ohrt,Director of Choral Activities Central Bucks High School-West on August 13 of 2019. World premiere performance: March 5, 2020 at the ACDA Conference in Rochester, NY. Central Bucks High School-West women's C...  more

blog: Seeing the Forest For the Trees

Seeing the forest for the trees... Something on my mind today as I prepare young minds for a year of learning and growing as HUMAN beings through the medium of Choral Music, is the value of an individual identity in a group setting.  So many people ...

blog: Bringing Joy with signing

Music has been the inseparabale part of HUMAN life. And when the ear listens to music, the mouth responds with signing. For some, music and signing brings joy to themselves while for some, it helps them express themselves. Nevertheless, there is one impor...

blog: Are zombies taking over your choir? How to breathe like a HUMAN being

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Have you noticed how the living dead always have husky laboured breathing?   Photo by theogeo   I’m beginning to worry that zombies ...

group: VocaVoice

*The old name is Samsun Chamber Choir, new name is VocaVoice !.. VocaVoice was formed in October 2010 consisting of students from Samsun 19 Mayıs University. Polyphonic at the forefront of the HUMAN voice, and in some parts of various rhythm instru...  more

group: YANTRA

YANTRA is the unusual project of three singers from very different backgrounds, united by their passion of unaccompanied HUMAN voice. Born from an experimental session for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction in 2009, YANTRA’s vocal focal point is the intersection...  more

blog: DA CAPO -- Joel Haslam and Regional Contact, CJOH TV 1990

Pete, Dawn, Louise, Holly, Katrina, Margo, Marjorie, John and Bob  -- the Stairwell Carollers, Xmas, 1990 Way back in 1990, when HUMAN beings were still manning all the cameras at CJOH and show guests had a dressing room and a makeup artist, Joel Ha...

Quire Cleveland
group: Quire Cleveland

Quire Cleveland makes life more harmonious by providing a vital connection to distant lands and ages past, through the HUMAN voice. Breathing life into choral music which may have lain silent for centuries, Quire reveals the timelessness and universal hum...  more

Ant aukšto kalnelio, muz.  D.Zakaro
video: Ant aukšto kalnelio, muz. D.Zakaro

"High On The Hill" Music and lyrics by D. Zakaras, The church of St. Catherine of Alexandria, 2010, St.Petersburg The song is about the eternal HUMAN desire to seek its star, loving heart and desire to realize his dream. «На высоком холме» му...  more