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For the Longest Time - a cappella - The Blue Notes´ Guys
video: For the Longest Time - a cappella - the Blue Notes´ Guys

For the Longest Time - the Blue Notes´ Guys, CSMC Solo: Daniel Miranda

For the longest time - Drengjakór íslenska lýðveldisins
video: For the Longest Time - Drengjakór íslenska lýðveldisins

Haraldur J. Baldursson flytur "For the Longest Time" eftir Billy Joel. Tekið af vorskemmtun Drengjakórs íslenska lýðveldisins 2. maí 2013

For The Longest Time Cool Choir©
video: For the Longest Time Cool Choir©

'For the Longest Time' Billy Joel , perFormed by Cool Choir on June 23rd, 2019 at Knox United Church, Calgary, accompanied by Bel Canto Strings Soloist Kitty Bosch

The Longest time - B.Joel
video: the Longest Time - B.Joel

Gruppo Vocale OTTAVAGIUSTA 8° Festival della Coralità Veneta Venezia 25-26 October 2014

VanDeca - The Longest Time
video: VanDeca - the Longest Time

VanDeca perForming "the Longest Time"

Once Upon A Time
video: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time by Charles Strouse arr. Paul LangFord PerFormed by C6 2018 Chicagoland Voices Winter Concert Sunday, January 21, 2018

blog: the importance of being confused

[this is a version of a post which first appeared on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   there is a Time of blissful ignorance beFore you hear a song For the first Time.   Later on, there comes a Time when you know the song thoroughly, y...

blog: Choir Growth- online ticketing & Time to delegate

It takes a fair bit of engery and Time to run any choir...nobody would disagree I hope!   SomeTimes it's important to take stock and look at goals For growth and what tasks can be shared with others. For me, with 3 choirs and a more than full Time ...

The Magnets - All This Time
video: the Magnets - All This Time

the Magnets take on Sting with a fresh look at his song, "All This Time". Filmed in and around Adelaide, South Australia.

Carmina Slovenica - From time Immemorial Part 1
video: Carmina Slovenica - From Time Immemorial Part 1

Lojze Lebič: From the Immemorial... Music about Time Vocal theatre Where are we when we were, Where will we be when we no longer are? (G. Strniša, From Time Immemorial) Author and conductor: Karmina Šilec Director: Jernej Lorenci Choir of Na...  more