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Schronen - God has commanded all his angels
video: Schronen - God has commanded all his angels

God has commanded all his angels Ensembles VoCapella & LaCappella Conductor: Tristan Meister Music and photos by Alwin Michael Schronen Live Premiere: Nov 16th 2014 in Bad Homburg/Germany

blog: Beyond the Music: Building Community in our musical Ensembles, Part V

Beyond the Music:  Building Community in our musical Ensembles, Part V Building Esprit de Corps in our Choirs   1)      Learn names and backgrounds of students 2)      Know the singers outsid...

the Revelations - "Without Love"
video: the Revelations - "Without Love"

"Without Love" is a heart stirring rendition by 'the Revelations', one of the top 8 male Ensembles in the World. Sri Lanka is the home of 'the Revelations', where they are a loved household name.

blog: How to choose soloists in your choir: audition or self-selection?

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Rather than everyone singing all the time, many choirs ring the changes by creating smaller Ensembles within the larger choir or have occasional solo...

SAY NO! - Trailer
video: SAY NO! - Trailer

Say No ! is an international project for choirs and small musical Ensembles. Together we sing ‘No to War’. Our song is a tribute to deserters and war objectors. This hymn is also a call to FleeTheFrenzy: say 'No' to the madness of weaponry and war.

blog: Standing Formations

There are few things that have as powerful an impact on our Ensembles as the standing formations of the singers. This will directly impact the speed at which the ensemble learns new repertoire and polishes the same. Standing formation impacts balance, the...

group: M'ANAM

M'ANAM is one of the most exciting new vocal Ensembles to emerge in recent years, growing naturally from the ground-breaking choral group ANÚNA. Formed in 2017, the members come from the island of Ireland and beyond, encompassing a huge range of musical e...  more

Tavener rehearsal
video: Tavener rehearsal

Alias Chamber and Portara Ensembles

The Sixteen
group: The Sixteen

After 31 years of worldwide performance and recording, The Sixteen is recognised as one of the world’s greatest Ensembles. Comprising both choir and period-instrument orchestra, The Sixteen’s total commitment to the music it performs is its greatest disti...  more

The Concordia Choir
group: The Concordia Choir

The Concordia Choir is widely considered one of the world’s premier undergraduate vocal Ensembles. The 72-voice choir continues to affirm its reputation as one of the nation’s finest a cappella choirs and a leader in interpreting and advancing the Luthera...  more