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blog: Vocal Warm-Ups You Can Do In the Car

If you’re a singer on your way to a voice lesson, rehearsal, or audition, it’s always good to do a bit of warming up in the car, because there are few things more annoying to music directors than singers wasting Time complaining that they&rsqu...

blog: Does your choir respond to where it's based?

[this is a version of a post which first appeared on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   I lived in Coventry in the Midlands of the UK For almost 13 years (gosh, doesn’t Time fly!), although I’m originally from South London. In 2010...

Serendipity: Episode 2  'Quarantine   A brief history'
video: Serendipity: Episode 2 'Quarantine A brief history'

Just 1 click away you will find out when quarantines started, where the word came from, which composer lost his family due to the plague, a short history of Partridge Island and only 6 minutes of your Time   #covid19 #quarantine #selfisolation #monteverd...  more

blog: Brand new, high-end LGBT Choir For London

the Fourth Choir (temporary name) will focus on perForming great choral works - long and short, new and old, familiar and Forgotten - and aim to sing at the highest competition standards and be semi-professional in a few years Time. We think that with al...

blog: Busily doing nothing – 5 reasons why downTime is important For singers and choir leaders

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir] Feel like you’re on a treadmill? Constantly learning and practising and planning but never arriving? Not enough Time to catch your breath between concer...

blog: How to Improve Singing Skills on Your Own

You may be teaching yourself how to sing (by reading books and watching videos online) or taking singing lessons to improve your voice. As a beginner singer, you need a lot of real Time feedback and guidance.   I still remember tak...

blog: Sing, sing, sing For a celebration!

the late Ella Fitzgerald, who was known as one of the best female vocalists of her Time, was once quoted as saying: “the only thing better than singing is more singing.” In the USA alone, more than 28.5 million people regularly sing in one of ...

Holding Out for A Hero Resource Pack
video: Holding Out For A Hero Resource Pack

Save Time and efFort and purchase Choir parts with Vocally Sound Music Limited. Can't find what you want? We can record what you need. Need an arrangement to suit your choir? Email us to discuss how we can help you. We specialise in songs For Female C...  more

blog: Choir leaders: who’ll replace you when you’re gone?

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir] Nothing lasts Forever. there will come a Time when you will leave your choir and need someone else to take over.     Who will you hand over to...

Phoenix Chorus - 5th place, Region 31, May 2013
video: Phoenix Chorus - 5th place, Region 31, May 2013

Once Upon a Time / Swanee - Phoenix Chorus (