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MEPhI Male Choir
group: MEPhI Male Choir

The MEPhI Male Choir is one of The best known Russian amateur Choirs, unique in its way. From its very beginning in October 16, 1956 and until now, it is made up exclusively of male students and graduates of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (for...  more

St. Catherine University Choir
group: St. CaTherine University Choir

St. CaTherine University in Minnesota maintains a school Choir that was first started in 1993. The Choir itself is composed of students, staff, faculty, and members of The Twin Cities community. Over The years, The Choir’s repertoire has included performa...  more

Sheffield University Singers' Society
group: Sheffield University Singers' Society

Formed in 1998, 'SingSoc' as it has come to be known is one of The biggest union societies at Sheffield University, and The most active! With a membership of around 140 singing a wide range of music, from big choral works to more modern pieces, both class...  more

Nizhny Novgorod State University Choir
group: Nizhny Novgorod State University Choir

The full title of our collective is: National collective of Russian Federation Nizhny Novgorod State University Academic Choir! During These years The Choir has been awarded honorary degrees and awards: * National collective of Russian Federation *...  more

Only in Sleep
video: Only in Sleep

The Eastern Michigan University Choir sings Eriks Esenvalds Only in Sleep in Pease Auditorium. Soprano Jennifer O'Neal. Conducted by Brandon Johnson. For more information on this video and The Eastern Michigan University Choral Program please visit www....  more

The Old Church
video: The Old Church

Mansfield University Concert Choir at The 2012 World Choir Games in The Voices of Gold performance

BSRU Chamber Choir
group: BSRU Chamber Choir

The BSRU Chamber Choir is a part of The Voice and Choral Studies Program at The College of Music, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand. Choir Director: Dr Casey Broadway

Huntington University Concert Choir
group: Huntington University Concert Choir

The Huntington University Concert Choir features 16 to 36 members – all who go through an audition process for selection in this on-campus mixed Choir group.