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Northern Spirit Singers
group: NorThern Spirit Singers

Founded in September 2000 by a group of friends from The National Youth Choir of Great Britain, The choir compRises mainly of recent graduates and current students of Durham University, but also welcomes singers from all over The North East, and includes ...  more().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

Morris Folk Choir
group: Morris Folk Choir

Since 2008 we have been Coming togeTher in central London to learn and perform sea-shanties, murder ballads, protest songs, work songs, love melodies, folkified non-folksongs, and good old knees-up tunes, from across The centuries and all over The world.

SOBREVIVER - RISE, Katy Perry [Cover-Coro / Grupo Coral CONTIGO; Version One Voice Children's Choir]
video: SOBREVIVER - Rise, Katy Perry [Cover-Coro / Grupo Coral CONTIGO; Version One Voice Children's Choir]

MUsic Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Tema adaptado em português pelo Coro Infantojuvenil CONTIGO :) [STAB] VOZ 1 [S] Carolina Almeida Carina Esteves Maria Inês Baptista Beatriz Lopes VOZ 2 [A] Cândida Ferreira Beatriz Pinto Daniel Sá Daniela Pereir...  more().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

blog: St. Olaf Christmas Festival Simulcast

The 100th Presentation of The St. Olaf Christmas Festival is Coming to a Theater near you! Browse The growing list of participating Theaters at DUst off your Norwegian sweater, invite your friends and sing along in perfect s...

blog: Gospel MUsic....

Gospel mUsic allows Us to become closer to God and closer to each oTher. Sometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what's Coming next...let praise and worship God.

blog: Setting your goals for The new year (guaranteed to work!)

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From The Front of The Choir]   It’s The time of year when many people make resolutions, set goals and devise plans for The Coming year.   photo by --Tico--   But i...

blog: Introducing children to classical concerts – less doesn’t have

This is an extract from our full blog on classical concerts for children:   It’s one of The perennial questions asked by those involved in promoting classical concerts: how do we get more young people (and indeed children) Coming to hear how ...

group: Solemne

Coming about through a blessed confluence of events, The Solemne Ministry is The collaborative brainchild of mUsical prodigy Alejandro Consolacion II and long-time choirmaster Eugene Calimag. Having been friends and in The choral scene for twenty years, t...  more().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

group: Sonux Ensemble

About Us/our Coming CD: Crossover projects are The hallmark of The Sonux Ensemble. TogeTher with The jazz-saxophonist Stefan Kuchel and The SiriUs Quartet, The young men's choir performs contemporary works. The Quartet members describe Themselves as arti...  more().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

blog: A Ho Ho Ho Lot of Harmony show Coming up!

A Ho Ho Ho Lot of Harmony show will be at 2 pm and also at 7 pm on Saturday, Dec. 7. The MUsic City ChorUs and, we, its female counterpart TuneTown Show ChorUs will entertain with chord-ringing precision, humor and good cheer.   The a cappella prog...