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Li-ron Choir Israel
group: Li-ron Choir Israel

Li-Ron Choir began as the Choir of the Gordon elementary school in Herzliya. Currently the Choir represents Herzliya locally and abroad. The Choir is comprised of three groups: children between the ages of 6-11, teenagers from 12-18 and a vocal ensemble. ...  more

Ajegunle Baptist Church Choir
group: Ajegunle Baptist Church Choir

The Choir is made up of 3 different Choirs, English service Choir, Yoruba service Choir and Teenager church Choir. we are about 120 in number.

blog: Taking over an established Choir – a guide for Choir leaders

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   Choir leaders don’t last forever so there will come a time when a Choir needs to find a new one.     If you’re the person ...

CHIJ KC Choir - Sakura Sakura
video: CHIJ KC Choir - Sakura Sakura

CHIJ KC Choir at Sing 'n' Joy Vienna 2012, the 1st Choir festival & 28th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition singing Sakura Sakura

blog: Kids Choir Fundraising for others

The Major Minors Children’s Choir have been busy performing across the region this year. Their next concert features Choir singing and solos from members of the Choir who performed at the Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competitions  in July. The C...

Choir Biayenda Dakar
group: Choir Biayenda Dakar

Twenty years after showing its marvelous performances on stage, the Biayenda Choir of Dakar was able to build its own réputation as one of the most committed Choir in Senegal. This intercultural Choir comprises fifteen amateur singers from several african...  more

Edinburgh Police Choir
group: Edinburgh Police Choir

The Edinburgh Police Choir is open to anyone who can sing, not just to police staff. Our performances are described as ‘absolutely incredible’, ‘stunning’, ‘inspiring’, and ‘hugely surprising’. That’s because we work hard to deserve such comments. We beg...  more

group: Urjwan

Urjwan Choir Tartous - Syria Urjwan Choir was launched in September 2015 in Tartous City - Syria as a Choir group for harmonically distributed singing. The Adutl Choir Includes More Than 60 amateurs, who belong to various social, scientific and cultur...  more

blog: Singers miss out when there’s no Choir, but what about Choir leaders?

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir] There are plenty of studies now about the many benefits of singing together. But they only look at the experience of the singers in a Choir.   I&rsqu...

Sing'theatre Academy Show Choir Teaser
video: Sing'theatre Academy Show Choir Teaser

What is a Show Choir? A show Choir is a group of people singing while incorporating a few dance movements or simple choreography. Our show Choir classes are crafted especially for adults with a musical repertoire including a mix of Jazz Swing, Retro and P...  more