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video: Blue MOON

Con arreglos de Chema Augusto Mazquiarán ,pieza rescatada del Certamen Nacional de Rivas Vacia Madrid donde participamos hace años y obtuvimos el Primer Premio de Polifonía, que hemos incorporado al repertorio y que reestrenamos el 25 de Enero de 2014 en...  more

Ranpono - Sydney Guillaume {score video}
video: Ranpono - Sydney Guillaume {score video}

Recording: Blue Valley Northwest High School Chamber Singers Kevin Coker, director...World premiere performance... Southwestern ACDA Conference - March 2016... - - - (TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL ABAJO) - - - [ Yele maoulo! ] The conch shells are sound...  more

Gabriel's Message - Utah Chamber Artists
video: Gabriel's Message - Utah Chamber Artists

Recorded October 2020 Traditional Basque Carol Arr: Barlow Bradford Audio Engineer: John Paul Hayward Video Engineer: Carter Durham Program Notes: ...  more

Blue Skies, composed by Jack Worth Henry
video: Blue Skies, composed by Jack Worth Henry

Premiere performance: Saturday, May 21, 2011 (Notre Dame de Namur University) (Dedicated to The memory of Dr. Daniel Cerutti) Palo Alto High School Concert Singers, Las Positas Community College Chamber Singers, and The California State University, ...  more

blog: A Singer Who loves to Journal

As a vocal coach who is isn't extremely organised (I blame The 4 children!), I was looking for a journal for my students and my choir members, where They can make notes on Their weekly lessons or rehearsals, but also keep all Their performance dates. I co...

blog: Finding a niche for ‘world music’ choirs

[this is a version of a post which first appeared on my blog From The Front of The Choir]   I regularly get emails out of The Blue from various singing groups scattered across The globe asking for gigs. Recently I had one from a Russian ensemble, ...

blog: How Do YOU Handle Mistakes

This post was originally posted to The Embro Thistle Singers blog.  They sang The wrong notes and The chord is less than pleasing. Do you have a break down?  I think not.Do you make nasty faces & tell those around you what a bad job that w...

blog: Hitting The Right Fashion Notes Without Compromising On Comfort

If you’re reading this while decluttering your wardrobe you’re not alone; Netflix’s new Marie Kondo show has inspired something of a global clearout, with her Instagram following rising from 710,000 to 1.2million within a fortnight&...

Cottontown Fat Bottomed Girls 2013
video: Cottontown Fat Bottomed Girls 2013

Fat Bottomed Girls Performed at LABBS13 Llandudno North Wales (optimised for web). Want to see The Guys doing similar live? 2nd of February at The Stockport Plaza Lyrics Are you gonna take me home tonight? Oh, down besid...  more

blog: Singing is about people, not musical notes

[this is a version of a post which first appeared on my blog From The Front of The Choir]   There are many choir leaders whose priority is to create as perfect a rendition of a written musical score as They can (see Music lives in flawed humans and...