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A Hawaiian Hallelujah
video: A Hawaiian Hallelujah

This video can't be watched without smiling! Colorful, musical, adorable, full of aloha! The trebles and adult choristers of the Hawai'i Sacred Choir recorded the audio in a cathedral and then produced the video, showcasing special spots in Hawai'i,...  more

video: Hallelujah

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Hallelujah Vocal Line & VOCALIVE
video: Hallelujah Vocal Line & VOCALIVE

Vocal Line & VOCALIVE joined on stage during their concert at Neu-Isenburg on Sep 26th 2010 to perform Leonard Cohens version of "Hallelujah"

Hallelujah - SIRAJ BAND
video: Hallelujah - SIRAJ BAND

Hallelujah - Arabic Version

Händel Hallelujah / Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan
video: Händel Hallelujah / Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan

Hallelujah from Messiah by G.F. Händel Orchestral and choral director: Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan. Encore piece as part of the concert entitled "A Baroque Celebration: Händel and Charpentier." Soloists: Natali Boğosyan (soprano) Elif Tuğba Tekışık ...  more

LCGC - Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
video: LCGC - Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

BBC's Songs of Praise - Celebration of Choirs Special. The London Community Gospel Choir performing 'Glory, Glory Hallelujah' taken from the 'Glorious' album. Lead singer: Elizabeth Jai / Director: Ayo Oyerinde. Management: http:/...  more

Hallelujah - Harbourtown Sound
video: Hallelujah - Harbourtown Sound

Harbourtown Sound performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" at the One in Seven Concert. Koerner Hall, Toronto. November 19, 2014

Hallelujah Nyame - Ghana Community Choir, Holland
video: Hallelujah Nyame - Ghana Community Choir, Holland

Song led by Mavis Asantewaa Dejong at the Heineken Music Hall. GCC opened for Donnie McClurkin. LYRICS; Hallelujah, you are truly king of kings Your kingdom is everlasting All creation speaks of your splendor and majesty By grace we have become you...  more

Joy To The World Hallelujah *By Cantare dal  Cuore
video: Joy To The World Hallelujah *By Cantare dal Cuore

Berikut adalah lagu 'Joy To The World Hallelujah' yang dibawakan oleh Cantare dal Cuore pada saat Misa Malam Natal 2017 di Gereja Katolik Redemptor Mundi Surabaya, Indonesia.