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blog: Dear Earh - The consortium that will unite the Choirs to help the Amazon.

At the time of writing music, my mission was always to bring people together. It seems to me that the union that is achieved thanks to singing is one of the most transcendental unions that humans can experience. With "Dear Earth" I wanted to go one step b...

ChoirPlayer App
video: ChoirPlayer App

I have been running community Choirs for years and years. I have always wanted to make choral singing, whatever the genre, available to everyone - even those who don't read music. I would like to introduce my new app created in association with 3fire ...  more

He is Risen
video: He is Risen

He is Risen, The Resurection composed by Diana Rutherford 2013. I am looking for a Choir to sing this song.

blog: New resource on Zimbabwean songs

Hello everyone,   I wanted to let you know about a book/ cd set that Ive just published. It's a collection of Makwayera style songs from Zimbabwe and includes 12 transcriptions and an accompanying CD of field recordings (24 tracks). Makwayera singi...

The Heart Of Scotland Choir VIVA LA VIDA
video: The Heart Of Scotland Choir VIVA LA VIDA

Always wanted to do this song with the Choir! Sounding great at 2nd rehearsal!!

Vocal Harmony Llanelli
group: Vocal Harmony Llanelli

OUR HISTORY Vocal Harmony was set up in 2012 by Swansea based musician Bobby Cole. Fed up of boring lifeless Choirs that sing traditional music, Bobby wanted to create a Choir format that is fun, exciting, and most important - easily accesible to ev...  more

group: Notevolmente

The Vocal Ensemble Notevolmente was founded in 2004 by a group of friends who wanted to share their desire to sing any type of music a capella. At present the Choir has 34 members. The group’s repertoire is very eclectic: from spirituals to sacred poly...  more

Saskatoon Chamber Singers
group: Saskatoon Chamber Singers

The Saskatoon Chamber Singers was founded in 1977 by a group of former Greystone Singers (University of Saskatchewan) who wanted to continue singing in a quality choral ensemble. The Choir has been a finalist in both the CBC choral competition for amateur...  more


You have an extraordinary voice, see the stage as an integral experience and are looking forward to working with other young people on a very high musical level? Then you are the missing piece of the puzzle for the CHOREOS ensemble.

Vox Canora Ensemble Vocale
group: Vox Canora Ensemble Vocale

Vox Canora Choir from Parma was formed eighteen years ago, and from 2008 is directed by M° Monica Lodesani. Born by a group of singers, together with his conductor, Gianluigi Giacomoni, wanted to perform new kind of music in the city's musical scene with ...  more