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Open arts community choir
group: Open arts community Choir

All inclusive Choir from all backgrounds. 16+ age range auditioned Choir.

Vox Angelica Choir
group: Vox Angelica Choir

Established from 2002, Vox Angelica Choir started from several youth from many diffrent social background who really like to sing in the Choir but none of us have any experience or musical background, this Choir now has been more than a place to sing its ...  more

Lux Aurumque - The Concordia Choir
video: Lux Aurumque - The Concordia Choir

The Concordia Choir René Clausen, Conductor The Concordia Choir sings Eric Whitacre's "Lux Aurumque" at the 2005 Concordia Christmas Concert, "O Come, All Ye Faithful." The Concordia Choir | Moorhead, Minnesota

God's Choir
video: God's Choir

Gresley Male Voice Choir, Autumn Celebrity Concert 2015

blog: Keeping a Choir happy – you can’t please everyone

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir]   There have been grumblings in my Choir of late. Some people are not happy.     But is it possible to keep everyone in a Choir happy?  ...

One Voice Community Choir
group: One Voice Community Choir

One Voice Community Choir takes contemporary Gospel music to another level with its unique blend of voices and harmonies. Although the Choir originated and is based in Preston, Lancashire, members come from all over the North West. Individual Choir mem...  more

ORIANA youth female choir
group: ORIANA youth female Choir

Youth female Choir ORIANA is amateur Choir, which exists since 2008. Folklore program, modern/classical choral works, sacred music are in the Choir repertoire.The Choir mission is revival and maintenance of the rich Ukrainian traditions of choral singing....  more

Barnsley Youth Choir Reflection Video - INTERKULTUR Euro Games 2017
video: Barnsley Youth Choir Reflection Video - INTERKULTUR Euro Games 2017

This is a reflection video from the INTERKULTUR 3rd European Choir Games in Riga, Latvia featuring Barnsley Youth Choir. Many thanks to the young people in the Choir and supporters for providing the content and to Jay Burgin for putting it all together.

Bogazici Jazz Choir
group: Bogazici Jazz Choir

With the name, BUMC Jazz Choir started out in 1994 and started singing songs a cappella in 2001 and achieved to be the first Turkish a cappella jazz Choir. BUMC Jazz Choir 2008 members, the winners of the IKSV Young Jazz 2008, who have boosted their s...  more

New Choir
group: New Choir

The New Choir was founded by the Music Director and Conductor, Eileen Chang, in August, 2000 and is composed of about twenty five singers from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The New Choir is an auditioned chamber Choir performing choral works from al...  more