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blog: CD SPOTLIGHT -- Qui Creavit Celum -- Our first CD

CD cover In May, 1997, we recorded our first CD, a Christmas Carol collection, named for Pierre's original lullaby-like Christmas carol, Qui creavit celum.   It became The title track which started a tradition -- each of our Christmas CDs to date ...

blog: Name that tune! – earworms, musical memory and oTher strange phenomena

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From The Front of The Choir]   Sometimes I only have to hear two notes of a Song and I know what it is.   Photo by bishib70   Often I join in with someone singing a Song...

Christmas Night
video: Christmas Night

Guest Choir St. Mark's Episcopal Choir sings at Hawai'i Sacred Choir Christmas concert. Some singers are in both choirs. From The Hawaii Sacred Choir concert on 12/11/10, The St. Mark's Episcopal Church choir sings John Rutter's "Christmas Night."

A Song of Hope
video: A Song of Hope

Music Matters Inclusive Community Choir & Ossia Youth Choir sing "A Song of Hope". Music Video shot & edited by Leonardo Macedonio ( Choir Director: Grainne O'Grady Soloists: Elaine Caul, Daniel Caul, Emma McPhillips, Naoi...  more

blog: Barcarolle Choir Christmas Concert

Barcarolle Choir and Their Music Director Sam Evans are delighted to announce Their upcoming traditional Christmas Concert.The two groups will perform a varied range of modern/pop and Classical/contemporary pieces on top of The traditional Christmas Carol...

CGC Alphabet Song Boulogne Cathedral June 15
video: CGC Alphabet Song Boulogne CaThedral June 15

Canterbury Girls Choir performing The Alphabet Song adapted from Mozart in Boulogne CaThedral June 2015

I'll Be Home For Christmas - Utah Chamber Artists
video: I'll Be Home For Christmas - Utah Chamber Artists

Barlow Bradford's Utah Chamber Artists sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" at Their 2004 Christmas Concert at Libby Gardner Concert Hall. Arrangement by Bernell Hales.

blog: If a Song’s not working, when do you stop flogging The dead horse?

[A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From The Front of The Choir]Sometimes I bring a great Song to choir and for some reason The singers really struggle with it. photo by Clear Path International How do you decide wheThe...

Earth Song
video: Earth Song

Highbridge Voices 2014 Benefit Concert Earth Song by Frank Ticheli Alec Baldwin, Master of Ceremonies, Melissa Errico, Special Guest, Mary Clementi, Music Director, SunHee Lim, Assistant Music Director

NNSU Academic Choir - Terek's song (25.12.2010)
video: NNSU Academic Choir - Terek's Song (25.12.2010)

Мужской состав Академического хора ННГУ исполняет казачью народную песню "Терская плясовая" (концерт 25.12.2010) Men of The NNSU Academic Choir perform cossack folk Song "Terek's Song" (concert 25.12.2010)