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The Cavendish Choir
group: The Cavendish Choir

Choir specialising in sacred choral music. We sing at Cathedrals across the UK, deputising when the regular Choir is on vacation. The Cavendish Choir was formed in 1994 and has sung at Cathedrals across the UK. Our Musical Director is John Dover MMus an...  more

group: King's Choir

The King's Choir is a Community Choir --A Common Life Singing Group for singers ages 50+ (though we practice a don't ask - don't tell policy)...I.e., if you wish to sing in our Choir and are available for daytime rehearsals you are more than welcome to jo...  more

blog: 10 great reasons why all men should join a Choir – now!

A version of this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front of the Choir] Being in a Choir is great (see The pleasures of being a Choir member), but most mixed Choirs never seem to have enough men.     photo by Robert...

European Overtone Choir
video: European Overtone Choir

The European Overtone Choir is an open project Choir. Twice a year a week-long workshop will be offered. Anyone with choral experience can participate. More information

group: Brighton Swing Choir

Brighton Swing Choir is a community Choir specialising in music from the swing era and beyond. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!". Open to everyone, Brighton Swing Choir is a brand new Choir, brought to you by Brighton's finest ...  more

Suomen laulu
group: Suomen laulu

Suomen Laulu ("Song of Finland") is one of the oldest mixed Choirs in Finland. Founded as a male Choir in 1900, it became a mixed Choir in 1907. The Choir was conducted for more than four decades by its founder, the renowned Choir conductor and ...  more

BAVE Chamber Choir
group: BAVE Chamber Choir

About the BAVE CHAMBER Choir The BAVE CHAMBER Choir is focus group formed out of the BAVE Community Choir in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2017 to participate in music festivals and events. Members of the Choir come from the multi-cultured community around ...  more

Otello Polyphonic Choir Teaser
video: Otello Polyphonic Choir Teaser

Otello Polyphonic Choir at the Ohrid Choir Fest 2017

group: Sierra Boys Choir

This Choir is a revival of an old Choir. The Sierra Boys Choir is the new revival of the Sierra Boys Choir in the 1970s, which was active in the Reno/Sparks/Carson City area and directed by Stan Burke. When Mr. Burke joined the Mario Singers and left to ...  more

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square
group: The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, formerly the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, is a mixed Choir of 360 voices founded in 1847. The Choir serves as a musical ambassador for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is recognized throughout the worl...  more