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The Old Church
video: The Old church

Mansfield University Concert Choir at the 2012 World Choir Games in the Voices of Gold performance

Pax Choir - UENR
group: Pax Choir - UENR

Pax Romana Choir, UENR is the church choir of the Cardinal Newman Catholic church of University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani. It is made up of mostly Catholic students and a few of Non-Catholic students of the university.

St. Cecilia Girl's Choir
group: St. Cecilia Girl's Choir

The St. Cecilia Girl's Choir is a choral ensemble for girls in grades 5 through young adult in residence at The Episcopal church of Saints Andrew and Matthew in Wilmington, Delaware

The Cathedral Chamber Choir
group: The Cathedral Chamber Choir

Choir members are based all over the United Kingdom, and we come together only when we rehearse and sing at a Cathedral city. We do not belong to any particular geographical area or church denomination. In over 25 years, nearly 400 people from all backgro...  more

Koloi ya Elija (South Africa)
video: Koloi ya Elija (South Africa)

This is a very popular church song, but is a bit unusual in that it originated as a folk song about driving a car. Usually it is the church song which is incorporated into the folk culture. In the Sotho language: "I also like to see the angels on Moun...  more

The Ancora Chorale - Paulus Reading
video: The Ancora Chorale - Paulus Reading

The Chorale begins work on Stephen Paulus' fresh yet nostalgic 'The Old church'.

Legion Choir
group: Legion Choir

LEGION CHOIR is group of professionals bounded by their love for music and untiring service to the Lord. Founded in 1982, the group has evolved from being the usual church choir into a more developed and mature singing group, which enabled them to partic...  more

Vox Antiqua
group: Vox Antiqua

Founded in October 2017, by Andrew Leung. Vox Antiqua is formed by a group of passionate and professional Catholic singers in Hong Kong. We dedicate ourselves in praying and singing choral liturgical music in its highest standard.

Morrilton FUMC Chancel Choir
group: Morrilton FUMC Chancel Choir

Although we are a mostly volunteer church choir with limited rehearsal time, we do our best to work toward excellence in all that we do. "Excellence in all things, and all things to the GLORY OF GOD."

All Saints Fulham Choir
group: All Saints Fulham Choir

Based in south-west London, All Saints Fulham Choir are a friendly, talented and experienced group of young volunteer singers in our 20s and 30s. In addition we have a choral scholarship programme for music students. We are led by Jonathan Wikeley, our D...  more